vandalism or citizen censorship?

Has anyone else noticed that several billboards have been defaced around Markhia? It looks like someone has been offended by adverts for a woman's fashion store and has thrown paint at them.

Qatar's economy - robust or not?

In an article today on the Financial Times website about Qatar's latest step to combat the economic crisis (buying shares in banks) the Prime Minister is quoted as follows;

Hyatt Plaza's Circus

Took son to the circus at Hyatt Plaza car park. Not brilliant (my russian friend said it wasnt as good as the one in Moskow), but is not bad either. Entertaining for the kid. My son enjoyed it.

Estimated arrival time

Who would you trust to be more accurate with there estimated flight arrival times; Qatar Airways or Doha International Airport?

Which ever gets the most votes is the one I'll use.

Beggars at MegaMart!

I was just finished shopping this afternoon, ready to drive away and tuck into my BBQ Hula Hoops when a dodgy looking bloke knocked on my window!