The Cambridge school Doha

The worst school in Doha is The Cambridge school and it's getting worse everyday. Two years ago when my son started the school it was good the teachers and staff were very helpful. If I called the school and no one was able to answer I always got a call bak. But now there is a lot of bullying & beating by older kids, if I write anything in the planner I never get any answer, the transport manager Mr.Ibrahim never answers nor replies the emails. There is no one to contact Incase of emergencies as no one is available. The school bus had many small accidents no one was hurt but it's just a matter of time that something big will happen. This man Ibrahim should be fired immediately along with the whole management. The school bus was half an hr late one day, the bus fetcher was absent I kept calling in panic but no one answered I thought the worst has happened and started crying when the bus finally showed up.
if I complain to the head of primary Mr. Mark he misbehaves, talks very loudly, intimidates and then asked me to take my son to another school in the middle of the school year knowing my child will not get admission anywhere else. Ther principle is never available, I have never been allowed to meet him or talk to him and he never replies any emails so as far as I know he doesn't exist.
My kid has forgotten what she learned in the previous class or at home. There is no study environment, my daughter learned some very bad words in the school, she called her father STUPID DOG, CRAZY, POTTY, BULL SHIT, FU$ÔéČING BITCH. She also talks about girl friend and boy friend although she s very little. The kids use ver bad language in the school and the teachers never notice or take action. She asks them to sit and play all day and just talk about general stuff nothing education related. Her school copies are never checked, she makes mistakes or leaves her work incomplete but no one pays attention. She used to like studying but due to the environment of the school and class she just wants to play all day and starts crying when it's time to do homework.
The school is like a time bomb and I have a feeling something very bad is about to happen as there is no discipline, no management, no education there. If anything a total waste of Money and full of racism, spoilt kids. No one to take action or responsibility. The supreme eduction counsel should take action against this school with random inspections of classes. After the villagio mall fire I hope that this school also takes some precautionary measure.

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