free MP3 Song downloads!!!


can any 1 share with me the web addresses that i could download mp3 English/Arabic/Hindi/Tamil songs for free??

free movie downloads also would be great!!!


you download limewire. just to its free...
but.. most of the time i didn't get wot i was searching on limewire.... & most of the stuff are unnecessary?? Do you have any other sources???
for english music u can download them from these 2 websites: 1 2 (english french and someother languages) the good thing is no need to register. have fun
any other sites apart of this
Well, do you know how to use mIRC? I use it to download some underground beats I can't find anywhere. ------------------------------------------------- ╬ Sotally Tober ╬
limewire is the best,,i got every,music,video,mp3.all you just dowload limewire for free.keep on trying.once you download ignore evrything that will on screen.
Limewire Pro Turbo is still the best around Any type of Movie too LMAO! BORN TO BOWL...........FORCED TO WORK
You mean those mp3 channels on Mirc?     [img_assist|nid=73057|title=.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]
dont go for limewire use frostwire thats free and alot better then limewire.     [img_assist|nid=73057|title=.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]
Arien...chears...I too go to cooltoad too for any mp3s ....never disappointed me ....yet!!!
Yea, Darude.. I have limewire but I really don't like the software. It nearly got my laptop f****. I will try frostwire though. I do use mIRC sometimes when I'm looking for songs I can't find on limewire. How about Kazaa? Is it any good? ------------------------------------------------- ╬ Sotally Tober ╬
limewire is full of spy and adware frostwire is new and its free Kazaa hmm with Kazaa you might find yourself throwing you lappy in trash bin Kazaa is full of virus. emule and edonkey are better too but bit slow.     [img_assist|nid=73057|title=.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]
Is frostwire free like limewire? Or would it better if I bought it? ------------------------------------------------- ╬ Sotally Tober ╬
Hi all, Thanks alot... frostwire is awsome.... ;-)
I am downloading it now.. gonna try it. ;) ------------------------------------------------- ╬ Sotally Tober ╬
best way is to join forums..u will get awesome quality songs.. also u can download movies... ssshhhh :P Get unlimited free mp3, video, lyric and image then download it to your device. This service is totally free you dont pay for anything at here.
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