Nestle Water

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone else has shared a similar experience:
I signed up with Nestle's home water delivery service about 2 months ago, for the large dispensor type bottles. You can imagine my excitement at the thought that I didn't have to lug water back from the shops anymore and that my arms might revert back to their normal length!

But about every second week without fail, we received a bottle with some kind of bleach which is just utterly undrinkable. And I don't mean it tastes a little off, I mean it is actually totally undrinkable - even in this heat and with no other water in the house!
Obviously, in true Doha style you pay in advance and their 'customer service' is appalling (think Faulty Towers and you get the general idea). They won't cancel the remainder of the contract, despite acknowledging the problem. So they simply take your cash and provide occasionably drinkable water - what a winner!!

Anyway, I was hoping someone might be able to recommend an alternative supplier who is reliable?

Many thanks in advance..

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