No Objection Certificate

I have a friend whose 2 year contract will end this April 2009. After he's completed 1 year, he was given by the company the option to go on vacation to Philippines with a free round trip ticket however, he was not able to avail of it because of some financial problems. Now that he's almost finish with his contract he asked the company if he could go on vacation but, to his surprise the company refused to give him a round trip ticket. They are willing to give him a ticket back home only if they will cancel him and terminate his employment.

I think it is unfair because he is left with 2 not so good choices. It's either he will go on vacation with him buying his own ticket or he can go home for free but he will be banned in Qatar for two years.

Can anybody help my friend on this? Is the company not oblige to give him NOC? It's quite obvious that the company doesn't need him anymore. They are not giving him any increase if he wants to continue working and they are not giving him any airfare benefit.

What do you think he should do about it?

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