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To the readers,
I have Q's Pack current bank account in Doha Bank, I transferred my account from other bank in Qatar to Doha bank when the so called doha bank promised me to grant personal loan at a fixed interest rate of 8.99%, but declined to show the written contract and repeatedly promised me by the loan clerk and the other bank employees in bank that it is fixed until my last monthly installment is settled with bank. I had to believe when a large number of bank employees stand on the same statement, and i was asked to sign the printed contract pages at the bottom of each sheet in a very hurried manner, i signed (it is my mistake), when i still insisted the bank loan clerk to give me a photo copy of the contract that i signed, diplomatically he avoided, subsequently i managed to get an unused copy of the contract, in which there is a clause that bank has the right to change to rate of interest on loan without intimation to the customer, when i debated over this issue with the bank officials, every other employee spoke in favour of the bank that in history of Doha Bank, bank has not increased interest rate on loans while the loan is under repayment.

But how long i could enjoy this feat, just a short span of seven months, after seven months i was surprised to see the interest contribution to bank jumped drastically, the call center confirmed me that my present interest rate on loan is 10.99% (increase by 2%)and the call center has no information how it happened and that is continuing up until now with no signs of coming down.

Also, i noticed that fresh loan takers are offered with reduced interest rates and definitely their fate would not be different from mine. How can the bank offer reduced interest rate loans to freshers while punishing the old timers with enhance interest rates.

May I request the bank authorities to look into my case and atleast restore to my original agreed interest rate of 8.99% if cannot be reduced below 8.99%.

Tks & Rgds,

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