Qatar Embassy-Manila Accredited Clinics

In return to a lot of information I got here, I'm posting the list of accredited clinics by Qatar Embassy in Manila. If not for checking this site, I might be one of those people who will have to return home from NAIA since I don't have the Qatar sticker stamped on my passport.

I got this list from Wide Wide World Express that they also sent through email.

I applied for a Dependent Visa but was told to undergo medical test from any one of QE's accredited clinics before sending it to WWWExpress. This was not stated nor clear in this forum

I figured that this would be more helpful to dependents since I was made to understand that it's usually an agency which makes the arrangements for workers.

I went to St. Patrick Clinic in Shaw Blvd which took them 4 working days (from the day of testing) to release the results. Should be 3 workings days only but they ran out of some needed supplies for laboratory tests.

Anyhow, hope this helps.


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