Radar Locations in Doha

[Editors Note : Qatar Living promotes safe driving - please always obey the traffic laws]

Always drive in your limits and know your limits.

And better to know the Radar locations in Doha,
( Reduce your speed at least in these spots)
Here they are for you.

> *The newest radar has been put up on the road near the American School of
> Doha and Doha College, which is between Decoration R/A and Al Waab traffic
> lights. It's in both directions. (60 or 80 km/hr - undecided...)
> *The temporary camera on Education City Road is up again! It might be
> two-way, so just slow down to make sure... (100 km/hr)
> Both Directions:
> 1. Road between Landmark and Senior Employees R/A.
> 2. Road between The Mall and the airport.
> 3. Road between Doha and Al Khor.
> 4. Road between Rainbow R/A and Intercontinental Hotel R/A.
> 5. Road between Decoration R/A and industrial area x2.
> 6. Road between Doha and Wakrah.
> 7. Road between Education City and Dukhan.
> 8. Road between Decoration R/A and Al Waab traffic lights.

> One Direction:
> 1. From Doha to Al Khor x2.
> 2. From Al Khor to Doha x2.
> 2. From Al Garrafa to Hyatt Plaza R/A x2.
> 3. From TV R/A to Post Office R/A.
> 4. From Education City R/A to Dukhan.
> 5. From Dukhan towards Education City R/A.
> Traffic Lights:
> 1. Ramada Conjunction
> 2. Al Sadd
> Mobile-Temporary Cameras (not all the time):
> 1. The underpass under Immigration R/A.
> 2. Education City R/A to other R/A going towards Dukhan.
> 3. Under the bridge on Istiqlal Road between Fire Department and Qatar
> Club
> R/A.
> 4. Car with detector parked near Qatar Club/Khalifa Stadium when coming
> from the Fire Department.
> 5. Somewhere on the corniche...

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