torrent is blocked?

Most of the torrent sites are blockeD? no way to download movies




Qtel is giving 2 for 1 tickets make use of that. Besides there are so many other torrent sites that are open.


hey hi dude which torrent u want to open if u like to download english movie u can use { } u can download with ur downlode manager but only new english movies may be this can help u thk or use hotspot shild open sometime its cloused site not a blocked ok buddy. have a fun enjoy.

fazloon mohamed

haha no worries guys...
i have a good torrent site
good site you can watch trailer of movies or screen shots before downloading and its good website.enjoy..

and dont worry Download and install "Hotspot shield" on ur pc and run and enjoy whole websites....haha keep


its not really a secret if you put it up here on a public forum now is it?


I think you can access the page in cached mode. Only if you know what you're DLing. (piratebay)

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