traffic police dept.

Dear QLers, I know that everyday someone posts something about the traffic in Doha, but this time I had a really bad experience and I decided to share with all of you.
Today afternoon I was coming via E-ring (from airport towards Industrial Area), and behind the Woqod petrol station I made a legal deviation (parallel road) to avoid the traffic jam at the intersection. For my surprise, I was stopped by two police officers, of course they barely spoken english, and they were fining dozens of cars for illegal turn. While I was waiting to sort it out, I noticed what they were talking about: many cars were doing a move by inside the petrol station, in a point where is forbidden to turn. But the problem is, many guys, including myself, were coming via the correct path, but because of the huge amount of cars at that time they decided to stop and fine almost everyone coming from that direction! You can figure out that I gave up trying to explain to them, and I left the place, probably receiving a fine (i'm afraid to see how much!) in the next couple of days.
Just a week ago I was fined for parking in a small street (close to gulf cinema intersection on C-ring, besides IBQ bank), but there was no information of forbidden park as well, I felt unfair and them I proceeded to Traffic Dept, Airport area. Reaching there, the same problem: no english, no politeness, poor explanation (although I had pictured the place to prove my point). New waste of time!
My point to you all is: of course there is no talk with speeding and not obeying traffic laws, but correct citizens, no matter the nationality, should not pay for others mistake, and the government of Qatar, if intends to show some respect, should immediately improve the quality of services of the Traffic Dept, by better training, better english, etc. It's very frustrating to pay someone else's bills! Please don't stay quiet, always fight for your rights and let's show them we don't accept things so easily!

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