Traveling by Etihad - terrible experience

I am traveling by Etihad airways. Flight was scheduled to take off from doha at 2245 hrs but took off about two hours late because a connecting flight coming in from UK was late and they had to take in a few passengers from that flight. As a result, i along with about 20 other passengers on the flight missed our connecting flight abu dhabi to karachi.

When we reached the abu dhabi airport, Etihad staff misguided us and made us stand in queue of people flying to dhaka and manila. We asked 3 different etihad staff and they said we were in the right line. Even told them that there is no notification for a flight to karachi on the notice board but they said its ok. After an hour in this queue, we found out that the flight to karachi had already left before we arrived in abu dhabi.

It took them a couple of hours more to issue us boarding passes for the next flight to karachi which was after 22 hrs. However, no hotel stay has been provided. Etihad staff has made me run from one counter to another atleast a dozen times each saying that hotel transfer would be provided soon. In the morning, their stance has changed and now they say that no room is going to be provided and i just have to sit anywhere in the airport.

I told them that airlines regulations require hotel transfer to be provided to passengers if there is a delay of more than 8 hours but they say, quote "Etihad is not following any rules".

Now my question: Is there any governing body that enforces the implementation of such rules? Is there any action i can take against the airline for this?
And if someone answers within this day (11th), any advise on if and how i can get them to provide me a hotel room.