Ladies, Please comment!!

please educate me on a good, clean ladies salon for a hair cut & eyebrow threading with fair prices.

Mrs. Shafran :)



For a good hair cut you cud go to the Diplomatic Club or Ramada but for threading there is this Nepali Lady at a Salon in Villagio. Its just a small cubicle outside Virgin Megastore. Its called Colors Beauty or something. Her name is Chatri. She is very good. Every time i need my eyebrows done i go to her. Its Qrs 40.


There's this small ladies salon beside a filipino restaurant behind the old HMC nurse hostel, which is operated by a filipina who does excellent haircut and threading at reasonable price. She has been in the business for 2 decades and customers of various nationalities esp. from the hospital flock to her shop. Call 44436164.


Dear Mrs. Shafran,

Please call Bellezza Salons on 44514551 which is a Sri Lankan owned and managed salon providing services in Hair Beauty and Nails at reasonable prices.


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