How good is a Hyundai Santa Fe off road?
By Puppy78 • 7 years 8 months ago.

I am thinking of buying a new Hyundai Santa Fe, mostly I'll be driving it in the city, but sometimes I may take it on the beach or in the desert (no crazy rides though...just sightseeing).
Do you think it'll be fine for that purpose? I heard it's not that good off road, and I just don't want to take the chance of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with it...

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By baldrick2dogs• 7 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

It's not too good at all. Avoid sabka and soft sand though and you should get away with it!

By alsboy• 7 years 8 months ago.

As long as u r absolutely 100% sure tht u can run behind all de four tyres at the same time :)

By fast_cat7• 7 years 8 months ago.
fast_cat7 should re-phrase that question to how good is it on road!!!

By Puppy78• 7 years 8 months ago.

mmh oh no.... as I expected...

Anybody out there more positive about the Santa Fe ?

Otherwise, which other suv 4x4 would you recommend... on the same price range?

By pham• 7 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I assuming these posters do not own one. I have used it off road and it is fine. Look .. you are not spending on a Landcruiser so do not expect one but they are good value for money and I have been fine in the dunes when a Toyota was stuck.. all about tyre pressures .. go as low as you can.

By anonymous• 7 years 8 months ago.

It's not bad and more than good enough for the Desert.

By earlthepearl• 6 years 2 weeks ago.
Rating: 3/5

I own a 2005 Santa Fe, and it does fairy well off road. I use it to Hunt/fish with, and just to go for rides in the backcountry.

Upgrade your tires to a good mud tire, and go a bit taller on that.. Add rear shocks with overloads coils, and add a better front strut. Traction control seems to work fine in the mud, and adding a bit of brake pressure also helps cut down spin in those places.

Santa Fe's are not Toyota's ( which i prefer ) but it will get you buy.

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