Qatar Technical Inspection (QTIC) in Ramadan?
By Dlightswitch • 6 years 8 months ago.


Can someone please tell me the timings for QTIC in ramadan, because my car must go there soon for its inspection.

Are the ones in Wakra & LuLu still open in ramadan?

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By galloper48• 6 years 8 months ago.

Check the link...this was asked like 1 week ago

On the other hand call 180 (qtel directory service) ask for QTIC number and reconfirm.


PS: recently there was a merge between QTIC and Woqod and the new Company is names FAHES...still waiting for their website to come alive...we'll see.

In the mean time some other info


By mamamialicious• 6 years 8 months ago.

the one in LULU was transferred to Abu HAmour,the one in Wakra still operate.

By balisv• 6 years 8 months ago.

7.00 to 12.00 in the morning I did istamara for my car on saturday.(Industrial area)

By Deepu• 6 years 8 months ago.

Arabian Automobile Association(AAA)

Tel: 4810 400

****Clearing the vehicle Inspection & Registration Works****

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