Qatar Technical Inspection (QTIC) in Ramadan?


Can someone please tell me the timings for QTIC in ramadan, because my car must go there soon for its inspection.

Are the ones in Wakra & LuLu still open in ramadan?


Check the link...this was asked like 1 week ago

On the other hand call 180 (qtel directory service) ask for QTIC number and reconfirm.


PS: recently there was a merge between QTIC and Woqod and the new Company is names FAHES...still waiting for their website to come alive...we'll see.

In the mean time some other info


the one in LULU was transferred to Abu HAmour,the one in Wakra still operate.

7.00 to 12.00 in the morning I did istamara for my car on saturday.(Industrial area)

Arabian Automobile Association(AAA)

Tel: 4810 400

****Clearing the vehicle Inspection & Registration Works****

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