Where do I can have a installment car?

I need a car installment basis. (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi) I am working in Oil & Gas Company with indefinite term of employment.

My basic salary is QR6,000 and housing of QR3,000.

Anybody could help me pls.


Contact a car dealer or check with your bank.

For new car : All the show rooms and banks

Used cars : Mitsubishi. Enquire other show rooms also.

Please give me some car dealer contact number that is willing for installment.


Used car for installment is good for me also. Any contact number with used car installer dealers?


call 180 and ask for any car's dealer phone number they will give you no problem at all.!

and you can contact finance companies such as Alawla finance, Aljazeera Finance. i think they give car installments.

go to website http://www.carsemsar.com/en/qatar for NEW and USED cars for sale in Doha.

Go to any Car Dealer & they will do

i heard ..oasis car is giving installment option near crazy signal R/A

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