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Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has reiterated that there would be no dialogue with siege countries at the expense of Qatar’s sovereignty.


Tue, February 20

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A heavenly afternoon at The Westin Doha

The Westin Doha's Heavenly Spa is as luxurious and beautiful as the rest of the property.

Soon, you will not need to leave impounded vehicles at police station anymore

Soon, you will not need to take your vehicle to the police yard to be impounded. Instead, you can leave it at your own doorstep, with certain conditions.

MEC carries out surprise inspections at food shops based in Muaither

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce, carrying out surprise inspections at food shops based in Muaither, fines a shop for selling counterfeit canned fruits.

Scattered rainfall likely in Doha in the coming weekend, says Met Department

Be prepared for the winter to be extended a little bit as Qatar's Met Department predicts scattered rainfall across Doha this weekend.

Red Bull brings back Car Park Drift to Qatar

Red Bull Car Park Drift is back for another gratifying weekend in Qatar on the 23rd of February 2018.

WATCH: #QLRandom - 5 Middle Eastern dishes that are nutritious and healthy

Wondering how to stay healthy in Qatar? Moderation is a motto to stick by, but these 5 Middle Eastern dishes are tasty, nutritious, and healthy (go figure).

The French envoy for Gulf countries sees ‘calming signs and firm desire’ to end crisis

Bertrand Besancenot, the French envoy for Gulf countries, says he sees ‘calming signs and a firm desire’ to end the ongoing GCC crisis.

Authorities nab motorist who ran over a 9-year-old child and fled the scene

Traffic authorities have nabbed a motorist who ran over and killed a 9-year-old child and fled the scene of accident.

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QL's top 7 picks of the week - 18th February, 2018

Stay up-to-date and entertained as our team shares their recommendations for everything from apps to films and brunch this week in Qatar.

Prepping a meal? Know the difference between healthy and empty calories

With February as QL's Health and Wellness Month, we're focusing on keeping up a well-rounded lifestyle that's good for your body, mind and soul.

52 weeks - 52 things to try this year

The February edition of our 52 weeks of must-tries!

Plants to buy in Qatar that eat pollutants

These plants naturally clean the air in your home, and are a great choice for city-dwellers.


WATCH: #WeAreQatar - How well do you know Qatar's star athletes?

Do you know the star athletes of Qatar? We hit the streets to test out people's knowledge in this brand new episode of #WeAreQatar.

WATCH: QL hits the gym at F45!

During the month of February, we are celebrating sports, health & Wellness.

WATCH: Color Run 2018

Qatar Living took part in the country's annual Color Run - the happiest 5K on the planet! Tag your friends if you see them in our video!

WATCH: Chocolate Tea and Coffee Festival

The Chocolate, Tea & Coffee Festival is in full swing!


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Red Bull Car Park Drift 2018 - Qatar Qualifier

This is no underground drift club. If anything, this is as high-profile as drifting can get. Thundering engines and twirling tires are bound for Qatar on Februray 23 2018.


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