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Qatar’s Permanent Representative to the UN informs the world body of yet another airspace violation by a UAE-owned military transport aircraft.


Sun, March 18

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WATCH: Dohalicious! - Qatar International Food Festival

The ninth edition of Qatar International Food Festival is back again to offer you the best of food and entertainment the country has to offer.

Qatar informs UN council about another violation of airspace by UAE’s military craft

Qatar’s Permanent Representative to the UN informs the world body of yet another airspace violation by a UAE-owned military transport aircraft.

Qatar University denies hacking of its website, says it was an attempt at ‘phishing’

Qatar University has denied inaccurate reports about its website being hacked and said there were some attempts at phishing email accounts.

Qatar’s move to pay back recruitment fees of 30,000 blue-collar workers by 2019 hailed

Qatar is moving ahead with a plan to pay back recruitment fees of up to 30,000 blue-collar workers who will work on different stadium projects.

Qatar signs $3.7bn deal to buy military helicopters from Italian company Leonardo

In the newest defense deal development, Qatar has signed a $3.7bn deal with Italian company Leonardo to purchase 28 military helicopters.

Temperatures set to exceed mid-30Cs today and tomorrow

The temperatures on Friday and Saturday are expected to exceed the mid-30Cs level before returning to normal from March 18 onwards.

New National Development Strategy to focus on self-sufficiency, sustainable growth

Moving with the times, Qatar has unveiled its second National Development Strategy 2018-22, giving due importance to self-sufficiency and sustainable growth.

Expatriate working guide 101: Qatar’s business etiquette and professional norms

For those of you hoping to work in Qatar, here's a quick look at the country’s professional norms and etiquette

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Registration open for live cooking classes with the world’s best chefs at QIFF

Roll up your sleeves and starch your aprons because they're some of the world's best.

Looking the part

Men need to take care of their skin too! We visited Silkor Laser and Aesthetic Center in Lagoona Mall to try out an intense cleansing and moisturizing treatment.

Everything you need to know about QIFF 2018

QIFF 2018 will open on 15 March and continue for 11 days at Hotel Park featuring 177 stalls, food trucks and trolleys.

Plants to buy in Qatar that eat pollutants

These plants naturally clean the air in your home, and are a great choice for city-dwellers.


WATCH: QL Adventures - Qatar Pro Wrestling!

Are you READY TO RUMBLE? Shaun and Mariam visited the region's first pro wrestling academy - Qatar Pro Wrestling!

WATCH: QL hits the gym at BMI Fitness!

Are you looking to join a gym? Then we recommend checking out BMI Fitness on D-Ring Road.

WATCH: QL hits the gym at The Venue!

As part of our search for the top gyms in Doha and the best workout tips and techniques this week we visited

WATCH: Red Bull Car Park Drift - Qatar Qualifiers

Mohamad Al Khaiat claimed the title of ‘King of Drift’ last Friday at @losailcircuit during


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Qatar International Food Festival 2018

Food lovers are in for a treat. After all, some of the best food from all over the world will be served at this year's Qatar International Food Festival.


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