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Tue, September 19

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‘Lift the Blockade’ website launched to combat fake news

“Lift the Blockade” is a website launched by Qatar’s government to combat “fake news” as the Gulf Crisis extends.

WATCH: Laws of Qatar - Overtime Pay

Not paying employees for overtime work is ILLEGAL in Qatar.

‘A Symphony of Films’ not to miss

Starting Saturday, DFI Cinema to present the public with weeklong series of thematic film screenings, ‘A Symphony of Films’.

Qatar opens two new shipping lines to Hamad Port

Two new maritime routes linking Qatar with important ports in China, Turkey and Greece were inaugurated on Sunday.

Qatar condemns Bahraini statement regarding detained fishermen

Qatar has condemned the statement released by the Bahraini Interior Ministry following the detention of 15 Bahraini fishing boats and 20 sailors.

LaLiga Festival to debut at Hotel Park next week

Katara Hospitality and LaLiga Lounge have announced the launch of the first edition of LaLiga Festival in Qatar.

Q-Post gets a drastic makeover

To keep up, reinvention is necessary—and that is exactly what the Qatar Postal Services Company has done.

WATCH: Doha Nostalgia - The Masked Man

The Masked Man of Doha was a mysterious local who used to drive around the city in heavily modified vehicles.

Lifestyle & Community

Electronic travel authorisation system launched

Holders of Valid Residence Permits or Visas to either GCC countries, Schengen countries, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, or New Zealand will be eligible for Electronic Travel Authorisation

A brunch to Thai for

Thai food is a popular choice of cuisine here in Qatar,so we headed off to Westin Doha's Sabai Thai to see how they measure up.

2017 Summer Cool Campaign gives thanks to those building Qatar

Two thousand workers across Qatar receive recognition and thanks during the 2017 Summer Cool Campaign

WATCH: An afternoon of serenity at Westin Hotel and Spa

On a hot, slumberous morning, we visited Westin Hotel’s Heavenly Spa. The spa is a place to recover and rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of Do


WATCH: Doha Nostalgia - The Masked Man

The Masked Man of Doha was a mysterious local who used to drive around the city in heavily modified vehicles.

WATCH: QL Adventures - Expat buys a Thobe!

Can expats wear a Thobe? How much does it cost? Where can you actually buy one? QL writer Shaun finds out in this new episode of QL Adventures!

WATCH: 100 days under siege - the illegal blockade of Qatar

Today marks exactly 100 days since the start of the Siege of Qatar. Below is a brief timeline of the events that have transpired.

WATCH: Parasailing in Qatar!

Parasailing is one of the most extreme ways to beat the heat in Qatar. Soar hundreds of feet above open waters in a specially-designed parachute!


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For the second year in a row, young talents are invited to “Discover Tennis with Aspire”.


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