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  1. Alpha Limit

    Alpha LimitTheir tailored cut, thin concretism, and sporty tool allot for your top spunky to emit through, without having to mind near those horrendous tan lines you might otherwise be subjected to. In fact, when you get these puppies, you symmetrical get one hurt any unnecessary tan lines.

  2. Doha Bank refuses 50/100 Notes!!!

    Hi.. I would like to share my unfair and illogic customer service experience that I had with Doha Bank, Lulu D-Ring Road Branch, I was in Doha Bank on last Saturday, 21 Mar 2015 around 8.15pm to deposit QR. 28,000, my money bundle was contained 24 notes of 500 and rest was 50 and 100 notes.

  3. Multiple cufflink box / case

    Dear all,

    Where can I find a multiple cufflink box or case in Doha; leather one preferably. Any help would be appreciated. I've looked around a lot, so if you are 100% sure, please reply.

    Thank you in advance!