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  1. Old magazines in Doha


    Can someone please help me to find out where I can buy some old magazines...want to buy them in bulk and it doesn't matter if they are old...for example National Geographic ones or any travel / photography ones...

    Thanks a lot.

  2. GRC


    Any one know where I can make GRC cornice (parapet GRC) here in Qatar?

    We have an on going villa project, we need around 280 LM 25Wx25H cm or 30Wx30Hcm GRC for parapet.

    also some GRC columns & handrails

  3. Drinking Water Filtration System


    Can anyone advice where to buy Water Filter Cartridges for Drinking water RO system installed in my house.

    I am looking to buy Taste & Odor cartridge and Membrane filter, Where can I get these cartridges from in Doha. Any particular shop / company , please advice.

  4. 500 bills accidentally cut

    Accidentally cut 2 pieces 500 bills

    It happens, when i cut the envelope into halves and did not notice ive keep a money inside of it.

    Then, ive joined it with clear tape.Can this still be accepted in the stores?

    Thanking in advance.

  5. Experience with Aramex

    Hey guys i have seen many negative reviews of aramex in Qatar, they all are from 2012 or 2013 so i would like to know about recent experiences how is Aramex Shop and Ship now? What are the charges? Have you tried buying from Amazon and Newegg?