All channel pirate decoder

Hi all. I'd like to know where you can buy an all channel pirate decoder. The one that updates itself over the internet and allows you to see almost all pay channels for free. Also any experience with performance and prices would be helpful.


You ask this on a public forum knowing it's illegal?

anyone could be reading this!!!!

haha.. dweller, i think he is SICK !!! lol..

Channels like super movies, movie channel, doesnt have to be R-Rated channels...


./`I don't wanna waste another day-Keepin it inside, it's killing me./`

Illegal? Pleez guys spare me. How many programmes on your laptop are legal? And public? Who uses his real name or address on this forum anyway? If you're too paranoid to say anything useful then you don't have to comment. And SICK is a bit extreme as a reply ramshinaushad, I don't have to tell u what you can do with that comment...

"some ppl" watch those kinds of channels, then call others sick


./`I don't wanna waste another day-Keepin it inside, it's killing me./`

I bought Max100 for QR 1100; it does the update over the net automatically...

Amazing device and work much better than Dream box.. The package includes: ART, SHOWTIME, Al-JAZEERA ...etc

hashimozotoyama , ye.. ther may b illegal programmes in laptops. . but v dont put such things in a public forum .. It seems sumthn strange.. so i think SIK is not much xtreme wrd to use on ye . .! lol .. :-P !!

I guess some guys thought I was referring to r-rated channels. Well I wasn't. If you don't pay $10,000 to use AutoCAD on your laptop, then why should you pay to watch anything on the Showtime package, or the Football EM for that matter? Thanks for the tip Alpina!

they're worth around 500QR I wouldn't pay any more for a box. (if I knew what you were talking about :P ;) )


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In the day and age of torrents and remote hubs, your comments do sound a weee bit paranoid Ramshi. Or are those also tabu on this forum? ;))

u can order them online for 100euros...idiots buying it here for offence...

search it on the other account pranay91 wrote about it...i do not recommend buying it

ya..this gd...i think should get 1 if the price is rite....hehehe


the admin of this site have already dealt with people selling "copy" games/DVD's. I imagine this topic would also be considered similarly.

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