Apple shop?

does anyone have the name/addressand number of the apple reseller here in doha? as ive got to get some kit soon



Apple Centre are the agents in Qatar. You can call them on +974 436 4778. Don't let the name fool you - they are nothing like an Apple Store.

They usually aren't well stocked and don't have the latest latest goodies.

I've found an Apple small showroom at

Almana & Partners, w.l.l.

Apple Centre

Al Rayyan Complex

Al Rayyan Road (behind Rydges Hotel-Corniche)

Office phone numbers: 4417848/4417050/4410926

Showroom phone numbers: 4364778/4415018


well im looking for a tricked out intel mac mini, wireless keyboard etc. so they should oblige i hope

Last time I was there they had minis on stock.

You could get an idea about what Apple products are available in the Middle East from

Looks like a few months behind US and Europe.

MacRumors Buyer's Guide


Do they stock ipods and ipod accesories? I can't stand another day of listening to QBS97.5 I want to play my ipod through the stereo but need an adaptor. Any idea where I can get one?

Try Jarir Bookstore on Salwa Road or Modern Home in City Centre.

Modern Home next to Jarir also have iPods and accessories.

Live long and Prosper my Apple Users. You really can't experience an Apple unless you have one!

I have a friend there working in Jarir and told me they dont sell MacPc..I know they have a wide range in virgin Meagmart at villagio..Just dont know the number... sorry....

For any of you that are considering to purchase a Mac in the near future....don't forget that the new OS X Leopard is coming out with iLife 07 and lots of other goodies. So if you want more bang for the buck it may be better to wait a couple of months. OSX Leopard is set to launch this spring.

Virgin sell Mac stuff at a better price than AlMana, but still far more expensive than the US.

ive taken to shipping stuff in from the states, its roughly half the price.

my mac peeps say dont hold your breath for leopard, there are serious bugs ATM

The new Virgin Store in the Vilaggio Shopping Center has a good selection of Apple products (including the Mac Mini).

Are Authorized Apple resellers. Opening soon a store in Royal plaza, ground floor.

for more info:

Tel:46592 44

Mobile: 5810285

Yes, I was actually reading about a delay until October, for Leopard! OMG! What a royal pain! I will wait another month and then if it's not out yet, I'll just get it with Tiger. It's still better than Microsoft.

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its still far cheaper to buy from the US: $2000 for a macbook pro vs QR13000 out here ;-(

Here are the places where you can find apple & iPod stuff:

1- Virgin in Villagio.

2- Al Mana in Rayan Street near Al-Hamra Resturant.

3- Radio Shack in Sofitel.

Here are the places where you can find apple & iPod stuff:

1- Virgin in Villagio.

2- Al Mana in Rayan Street near Al-Hamra Resturant.

3- Radio Shack in Sofitel.

hay guyz! Can any one help me to find the Cleaning solution for my MAcBook Pro, as it's surface is sophisticated and i don't wanna get it ruined.

Thanks in advance!

- Virgin in Villagio

- Royal Plaza

Try this link: will find plenty of Apple products there and they can be shipped to you in Qatar within the same day.  Their telephone no: 4517087 

Visit the link

Al Mana & Partners


Tel: (974) 417050, Fax: (974) 415687



iSpot (Ali Bin Ali Group)

Doha – Abdullah Bin Thani Street, Old Iran Bank Building

Contact person: Jean-Yves Chbat

Tel: +974-4469838

Mobile: +974-5569742

Fax: +974-4434749



Modern Home (Darwish Holding)

Salwa Road, POBox 615, Doha.

Tel: +974 425 7777

+974 425 7800

Fax: +974 431 4700



Office 1 Gulf

Address: Salwa Road, Near Midmac, Showroom No. 15, Anwar Center, P.O. Box 24641 Doha, Qatar

Tel: (974) 465 9442 / 465 9244

Fax: (974) 465 9166

i bought my 2.4 pro one 10k when it was 12k one year ago from modernhome. they have bargain ;-) try there

This thread is nearly two years old, im well aware most shops now sell apple products.

Qatari - can you lock it please

where can i buy unlocked iphone 3G?

those which are in classifieds are whether abroad and can not be trusted or those which are available here too expensive...does any one know when they will officialy launch iphone here?

e-Pro Solutions is an Apple Premium Reseller as well as Apple Authorized Service provider here in Doha, they have showroom in The Mall beside Highland Mall.

They are providing a very good and satisfactory service to all customers whether local or international.

Their main service center is located at:

P.O.Box: 24617

Suhaim Bin Hamad St.,


Tel: +974-4566760

Fax: +974-4478117

you can check also their website:

I hope this will help with those people who are looking for Apple Store here in Doha as well as a good service for their Apple Products


Can i get an iphone from virgin megastore that's unlocked and under warranty???? or am i only dreaming??



Try to go to The Mall beside Highland Mall, because e-Pro Solutions is the first premium reseller who offers iPhone 3G S which is unlocked and with warranty. I hope this will help you, or you can call them at Tel: +974-4566760.

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One qatar friend said one apple computer store opening soon near TV R/A, near twinkie. He say landmark shop close cause big apple store coming soon.

anyone know when it open?


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i want

crystal case for macbook pro core i5 13inch..

where can i buy from qatar

plzz plzz help me


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