Best karak, best locations?

Besides being the un-official national drink of Qatar, Karak is a favourite drink of both Qataris and expats alike.

Are you a regular drinker of Chai Karak? Let us know where you get your fix and so we can update our Karak listing.

Please leave an address/phone number of the place in the comments below, unless someone else has beaten you to it - then you can list a different place that you know of or can recommend.

p.s. This thread is going to be about Karak - nothing else :)



I am Karak Chai lover

The best, as per my taste buds :

-Tea Time in Al Sadd (Near Jarir Bookstore)
-Al Naiemi in Al Sadd and Petrol Station near Land Mark.

Don't like much the one at 'Karak & Chappti'. A bit heavy and more cardmone-flavoured.


i like sapphire restaurant in muaither..:))


That's too special to be mentioned..cannot be rated :)


A small 24 hours shop called "Tea Time" at Al Khor near the Al Khor Mosque, Al Meera


Tea pot @ bin omran...they are awwwesome !!!!!


where is sapphire restaurant in muaither? is this near watan mall?


Office @ Old Airport :P

I Always Learn From The Mistake Of Other Who Take My Advice.


First time QL

looks odd for me with those karak kettles with an cockroach killer at the corner.

They could have link it with a good picture.


thank you abulala.....i am about to leave for sapphire rightnow..


Only at Rizks!!!
He has a special chair reserved for me :)
and his service is the best in, of course, the flavour of his karak is heavenly!
He also has a very comfortable and reliable transportation service :)


1. baba chapatea - wakrah

2. funway cafe - wakrah

3. tea time - old airport

u should also try irani chai - boxbe house :)


Sorry Rizks, but I don't really like Karak, its too sweet for my taste..


Drink without sugar or just little amount of sugar!


Quite possibly the most revolting drink in the world.


nad i think u haven't try karak from "The Rizks Emporium" yet... :P


forget that..try irani chai from boxbe place..u will never forget it...:)


BX u can't stand against our rizks karak, he is the only one degree holder for KARAK, u know what emir of qatar took 5 flask full of karak on his recent visit to USA, even obama impressed by drinking that karak!


there is difference in taste between karak and irani....he is promoting karak and iam promoting irani :(


Oh man there is another one,,, sorry i never know about that irani!


No time to call and waste...i prefer to go to reputed karak chai cafe, sit and drink karak chai


there's a good one in katara, cant remember the name of the stall though

mast kalandar

I like karak chai made by my teaboy bangali babu at office with elaichi


Try Karak from Royal Tea in Rayyan, after Waqood Petrol Station.


I would recommend PappaRoti, the best so far! The one in Al Emadi Financial Square C-Ring Road, once tasted you'd know why too much Qataris keep on coming, as well as expats, and the service is great.


Rizks' Emporium because the ladies on skates also serve hot papadoms..


al-bida park, sheraton park, tea time bin omran, tea time al sadd, tea time aziziya.

the winner is: tea time bin omran,,, :D


thanks nomerci for your fruitful words !
Indeed, i have special seat for you in my emporium with poppadum seat covers and soft like my oily parotas...:)

Getting back to the topic, no one beats my emporium..and i say - no one - Huh !


Competition is tough against 'Rizks Emporium'



This was OP's request "p.s. This thread is going to be about Karak - nothing else :)


Tea Time. fereej kulaib, Yenbu St. oposite qatar telvision


Rizks, i have been reading about RIZK's KARAK EMPORIUM for quite long time on it true?? I mean, i have started trusting on so called RUMOURS (if it is)..:D


Rizks emporium is as true as Father Christmas it all depends how much you believe that both exist, yet make people happy to talk about it!

On a serious note, prefer Karak from fresh milk rather than the tin milk which is most widely used here in Qatar!

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