Best Malls in Doha

If you'd just arrived in Doha, and wanted to look around some malls to learn about what goods are available and the prices, drink coffee, and hang out to catch the "vibes", what two malls would you go to first? Thanks.


Depends on where you're staying...I would go for City Center first as I think you get a good impression there, and then maybe Villaggio....but after City Center the other ones seem to be small.

I still prefer City Center and Villaggio, depends on what I want to buy. Hyatt Plaza was a bit disappointing for me, and unfortunately I haven't made it to Landmark so far

Villagio and City Center

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

first choice is Villagio. As soon as Villagio have its own cinema, i will defenitely never go to City Centre anymore.

Landmark and Villagio

1st, then City Centre. If you go to the City Centre, make sure that you go to the 2nd entrance at the front of the building when driving there. I have always gone there and got a parking space without any problem.


I will  stay in Marriot Hotel then where would I go ?


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capricorian ... the easiest way would be The City Centre, or you can go to The Mall which is in the smaller size than City Centre

It will be your first option as people will recommended. but that mall have a big problem of parking space.


Villagio I really like it, but sometimes is very unconfortable as city center because too much people go at the same time.


My favorite one was Land Mark. and I believe still my favorite. but I will go more to Villagio and Landmark than City Center.


The only good thing for me from city center its the cinema. 


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City Center...if you go by a limousine, it will cost you QR 50 per way, to Villaggio it's QR 75 per way.


Would i be able to go by walk ?? can any body tell me the easy to unerstand map of doha available on net, please


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You can catch the regular green taxis, they're a lot cheaper than the limousines. You find them outside most shopping centres, just ask for a regular taxi.

tonnes of thanks


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To go anyway from the Marriott, you'll need a taxi or limousine. Unfortunately, in this country it's often difficult to get a taxi. So if you want one to go to a mall from the hotel, you gotta order one hours (days...) in advance (Tel 4588888). Especially in the busy times (morning/early evening) it's very hard to find one. The limousines are always available in front of the hotel. For the way back, as Fatcat said, most of the times you'll have a taxi in front of the Mall and if there is no taxi, one will come after a few minutes.

karwa bus go pass Marriot

Thank you Puala, One more thing. The day I arrive i will have to buy two things

1) MObile SIM

2) Laptop


Please advise how should I go about


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Villagio..convenient place for shopping especially for my baby..i like also the botique in Villagio..second is City Center when im going to buy some groceries..

i think first You will need to get your Residence Permit in order to buy the SIM.


But maybe your company will give You one as soon as You land in Qatar.


Laptop you can buy it any where. Carrefour or Jarir Bookstore are the best option as they have a big show room. 


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Mobile Sim -  you gotta go to a QTel Shop and have a copy of your passport ready. QTel Shop is in City Center, Hyatt Plaza, Lulu (?). Also see;jsessionid=ac10968830d58975a8e7fc2b4771978fada85a1e9600.e34RbNiMc38RaO0PchuSa38Tb310n6jAmljGr5XDqQLvpAe

Laptop - Virgin Mega Store in Villaggio or Carrefour in Villaggio or City Center (Guess Carrefour is cheaper).



My favourite mall is, same as many, villagio, because it has Virgin, Carrefour, Paul bakery and boots, so I can eat, window shop and stock up personal stuffs under one roof.


Also, you spend less time waiting for taxi there, as compared with City Centre. It's a big relief.


It also has a nice chinese restaurant. Serivces are poor there, but it's the only Chinese resturant here that I could eat authentic  Chinese taste (surprisingly). 



There are only 6 malls in Doha

City Center

The mall



Hayatt Plaza

Royal Plaza 


I think the best one is villagio, since it has everything. But I like the mall better, its closer to me. 


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landmark,Villagio and City Center

Where are the new malls that will start operating?




3 more malls to open this year.


Click here for LOADS of Qatar info I♥Q  <-- (Expat and Local Info)


you can get alot of info on it and on other major developments in the development and skyscrapers section of ILQ :) I'll copy and paste some info here.


Click here for LOADS of Qatar info I♥Q  <-- (Expat and Local Info)

I like Villiagio and Royal Plaza.

Can't stand City center....

For movies, Royal Plaza is heaps better that City centre but the drawback is that you can't always find the movie you want at the time you want since they only have 3. More planning is needed. City centre cinemas are great due to the time options but a horrible enter and exit experience.

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