can we buy hala card via online

if any one know how to buy hala card via online pls let it me know


if u hav doha bank account than u can recharge ur hala card.

If u r planning to buy new hala sim card then not possible.

If you have an online banking account you can buy HALA card no prob.

you can do that from doha bank's online banking.

you also get a discount of 10% on any recharge above the value of 30 riyals

With QNB online banking, you can buy Hala card too.

u can buy online hala card from

there are 2 ways to reacharge

1-directly from web i.e Web top-up(this doesnt increase ur validty)

2-E-voucher(same thing like paper we get from increase ur validty aswell)

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