just want to share what i witnessed a while ago,, carrefour staff wearing uniform shouting and fighting with customer in their after sales section,,,

is this right? is expats working here in doha have the right to this to customers who patronizes their brand?

how about the management of carrefour? what are they going to do with this supervisor/manager that was fighting with this customer???

CALLING CARREFOUR'S MANAGEMENT TEAM, i hope you can english as you can understand what im trying to say,,

many thanks for taking sometime reading


Their after sales service sucks

i dont have that much experience i mean bad experience in shopping in carrefour, its just that i cant believe with what i witnessed,im working also in a customer service oriented business and i am so shocked with it,

Carrefour itself sucks.....most of the time their price tags don't match with what they charge in counter. Never forget to check your invoice after purchase there.

must say that i never experienced any problem at carrefour and i do bulk of my shopping there although i have never dealt with their after sales staff.

Perhaps there are two side to the story? We are all human, and perhaps they were provoked into snapping. Anyway I have never had a problem with Carrefour, but I assure you when I do I will be back here moaning about it.

bhertbautista590 when you say a while ago... how long are we talking about?

if the customer is bully, then, the cs must really shout..

i'm working as cs also and everyday, i encountered hardheaded,bully,and customers who refused to hear the other side..and most of the time, i cannot resist to do the inappropriate thing..

The staff there I have had many bad encounters with, and they never seem that bothered to make sure customers are satisfied. They have 90% of the time been zero help to me when I've asked for it.

@ batute...the products are rubbish most of the time...customer service representatives? please let's not get into much do you know about the product you're selling?...usually the case is,next to nothing...I as a customer often find myself actually telling the salesperson things about the product they're supposed to be selling to me...& yes,on top of that,like you said,harheaded,bullies who have no idea what it is like to live in a civil society & for some strange reason,most of that bunch seem to end up in i'm not blaming the salespeople but MOST of the time,they really have no idea what they're selling...that doesn't really help matters now does it?...

customer service is a nascent field here in general.

cs must shout??

lol who taught you that batute, go and kick him in the balls

Don’t expect any customer service (not at least as much as you expected) when you go for the cheapest price in the market.

they known to be cheapest in the market (at least they say that) but they are not. if you cross check their price, they are almost same as others. nowadays they don’t even sell branded/quality products. they are replacing almost everything with their own brand which completely sucks.

End of the day, customer end up paying almost the same amount and getting nothing in return

...I am planning to visit them tomorrow because I bought today a small light blue shirt for my baby and when I wash it tonight the tiny red rope of 1/2 cm on 1 of the sleeve stained the blue shirt and all the other clothes in the washing machine... ALL my baby clothes have red marks!!

Let see...

customer service... have you ever tried getting any help at the outdoor section... a couple of years ago I went in to buy a canopy for the farm and stood around looking for someone to assist me with getting one from the store as none were on the floor of the store....

I waited, asked someone from another department - who went to fetch someone from the required department, who never came back... I eventually left.

They take everything for granted... Unless the customer was right here, then the staff should be fired...

But being in Cs industry, i have come across some snobs who think they r a King and the rest of the world r their slaves...

More over some times the staff are soo over pressured by work that they loose it on customers..

I have learned not to expect so much from others so that I won't end up in disappointment.. :P

I've had generally good aftersales service from Carrefour. However their pricing system is bad, frequently the price charged does not match the shelf price and you have to be very diligent when the cashier is scanning the goods- you really need to know the prices of things.

One of the worst things at Carrefour is the quality of fruits and vegetables- a lot of the time it's okay but sometimes the produce looks like it's only fit for the garbage dump.

What is zis customer serveece mes amis ? I unclog my nose in your direction, sons of a window dresser. So, you think you could complain with your silly, knees-bent, running-about, advancing behavior?

And britex pythons the thread ;)

But come now seriously, who would be stupid enough to say they would never shop in Carrefour again? Personally I am very glad we have them, and until Tesco opens up here in Doha I will continue to use them.

If you are looking to purchase a specific items like electrical, electronics households that needs demos and assistance than carrefour is not the place.

Nic Nic

Carrefour, like most of the businesses who operate in Qatar, provide ZERO training to their employs.

The great majority of Carrefour employees have NO clue about the products they are selling. And as for the manners, it will just be exactly what they were told at home, not more not less.

Shame on Carrefour and other similar companies who exploit their employees, paying them the minimum, offering them no career growth. They are here in the Gulf solely to make money and they take their customers for granted as they see them as a bunch of folks "in transit".

Carrefour in France, would not have survived 1 month, with such lousy service!

I agree, carrefour sucks!!

So it sucks, that are the alternatives?

customers who frequent the store daily? This incident is one wrong thing but have you seen a perfect store here? Be realistic, this does not happen everyday and to all of us. There are some unlucky one who is not always on the losing end but from time to time is. But is that not normal here? Like MJ said, don't expect too much so you won't get disappointed at same level!

customer service in general,in this town is's essentially a group of untrained or undertrained, underpaid,uninspired staff dealing with,for the most part,an unaware,uncivilized,downright rude customer's really a no-win situation...the "customer care" people are going to say that's the only way to deal with these barbarians & the customers are going to say,"oh very bad customer service" after having yelled at,abused & probably spat on the "customer service rep"...the people that end up losing out in this tussle are the regular folk like you & me,who just want to go to a store,get the right information about a product & then decide if it suits our needs or not & buy it based on that desicion...we also want to be able to come back if it gets busted in a week & expect it to be fixed or replaced...but none of that it's a catch-22 really...

after sales I mean, first two, I get another product of same price. The last one, they refunded me the cost. Less than a minute in the counter.

As I said, case to case basis. Sometimes you're lucky, sometime you're not. But is that what is normal here? Do you expect something else?

Dasman, Family Food, Giant Stores, Lulu, Spinneys, Mega Mart, Al Meera and all this small supermartkets at petrol stations and around town. Just don't shop in Carrefour and either they will get the message that they sell nothing you want, charge too much and need better customer service, or they will close down and maybe we get something that sells what you want, and a price you can afford.

I totally agreed with Medohaqatar.........

we shopped in all those stores? Why discriminate Carrefour? And all these stores have their own plus and minus points! Haven't you heard some?

shopping in Carrefour! Less crowded! Lol!

Lulu sucks even more than Carrefour so relatively it's better to shop at Carrefour.

Dealt with their customer service once, what a frustrating experience. They didn't shout at me but they were as unhelpful as one can get. Now I just hope that I don't have to go to them after buying something.

Carre = Square

Four = Oven

Carrefour = Crossroads

Would you shop in a Sqaure Oven at a Crossroads.

Say no more.

Thing is, they have the best baguette in, I am not saying it is excellent, no, but the best in town.

I prefer Mega Mart at The Centre or Shoprite on Airport road and Giant Store in Hyatt Plaza, on the very odd occassion I go to Carrefour... I don't think I have been in there for about a year.

i think one week ago, but however it is, one thing remains, customer is always right,

I believe that if you think that customer is always right?its A BIG NO!!!! customer has the right but NOT ALWAYS RIGHT...


Ofcourse customer isn't always right, whoever told you that should get a kick in the balls too.

this is point of view versus point of view, what im trying to say is carrefour is a big company with educated people behind its doors, what the employees do reflects those of the management as well.. aftersales section of carrefour villagio is OUTSIDE their store,, can you imagine how other people are looking while the two of them are shouting????

though customers are not always right, they have the right to complain AS THEY EARNED THE MONEY TO BUY THINGS from their store WITH ALL THEIR EFFORT, as we all exerting the effort to earn this money as well, its not that im fighting with what you all said, but if carrefour people are not satisfied with how they are compensated here in doha, mind as well be MORE PROFESSIONAL in how they will deal things between business, and personal issues, the mere fact that the one whos fighting with the customer is part of their management team as his uniform speaks,,this the reason why we are called HUMANS, and the reason why we are being EDUCATED,, peace!

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