Diamonds in Doha

Are Diamonds in Doha or Dubai cheaper? Where is a reliable place to buy diamonds without being ripped off or cheated with inferior diamonds.

I want to buy a 1 carat diamond to proposed to my gf.


Diamond prices in Doha are a rip-off! They cost double of what they do in Abu Dhabi. Travel to Abu Dhabi and go to Allukas on Hamdan Street. Inquire first about their sales months (if I remember well I used to get diamonds on every birthday of mine in April as they had a 50% sale then) and get them then - really good price/quality :)

April is coming and I will do some research on this Hamdan Street. Do you know if Dubai's prices would also be comparable as I have seen De Beers having a retail shop there.

... but you can check Abu Dhabi first and then go from there. I have certificates for my diamonds, so that is one of the important things.

Be very careful shopping for diamonds. Research the color and clarity. Make sure you have certificates.

Congratulations on your proposing to gf!

Don't buy from Alukkas.. Go to Dubai and buy from anyone of GB diamonds, Damas, Le Marquise Jewellers or Chetan Jewellers. I trust all these guys personally. All of them will give you certificates, you can find them in Gold Souq Dubai or Gold and Diamond Park- Sheikh Zayed road

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... gives you certificates as well and I trust them - that is the place where I have bought from for 4 years. Damas - overpriced and very bad customer service. What is the point of paying more for the same item?

I knew their management so got good price discount :P

I was a supplier to a number of jewellers in Dubai but Alukkas never bought anything from me so I don't like them :P

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How to choose a diamond:'s.htm

if you want to buy diamond go to ALfardan Jewellery..

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ok now, I am back on the market for a gf :(

still would like to know the best place for diamonds. In case of another missed opportunity.

i just bought a diamond set from DAMMAS,abudhabi.and it is really good promotion going on ,dont know when it will last, they explained it to me about clarity and all and gave cerficate it by i am in doha ,so cant help much..:)

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