Ezdan Mall

had chance to go inside the mall today, an impressive addition in Doha's shopping destination, opening in two weeks.with so many new brands mall has something for everyone. some pics for your review.


where is this one located?

i know in Wakra there is one being built across wakra hospital.

looks good

in front of Landmark

wow how many malls does Qatar need?

as well as carefours?

there is a new Carefour in Abu Hamour that is a mall also....

nice shops in there but so many vacant places.

what is the point of all the places built but empty?

What position do you hold with the Mall ?

-- Is it in Abu Hamour ? where is the location

-- who is the owning company ?

no read above posts... it is across from landmark in duhail owned by Ezdan

i suppose its in the industrial area where the population there is not caterered and covered properly by this malls

It was supposed to open in September last year.

hms hms

read the replies properly, it is clearly said twice it is opposite Landmark.

Love to know Tim Hortons opening finally in Qatar

I was hoping for a crate & barrel store, but no luck. Good to see Tim Horton's. Life has just become a whole lot better for all the Canadians.

Ezdan name is not enough, and good security & safety service should be most important for visitor. and Profile is most important rather than Exposing malls photograph.

Do you have the permission to post the pics before opening?

Too many small malls will kill each other.

Ezdan is owned by royal family.

Everyone hopes after what happened at Villagio security and safety will be priority, and followed and approved by CD before opening.


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