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Our daugther is asking to have an aquarium at home. Does anyone know where we can find the fish tank, accessories and most important the FISH!
Thank you!


try the neares Local Fish Shop (LFS)

1. airport area in line with the Barber shops

2. Mansoura on the way to najma Golden Fish

3. Mumtaza .. if u come straight from Al ghanim gardens cross the signal about 400 meters Beauty Fish

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There's a fish/aquarium shop 'half way up' Mirqab Street - on the opposite side to Doha Clinic, halfway (?) between Doha Clinic and Family Food Centre.

Sorry its not a better description, but if you're driving, looking for somewhere to park, you'll be going slowly enough to see the aquaria (?) in the window as you go by.


They dont have that much of varieties as the one on the mumtaza street.

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Take note on this following information on Aquarium Shops in Doha.

1. Beauty Fish - App Al Meera at Al Muntaza Street, you can meet Mr. Nawaz there. They have good selection of Fish, Aquariums, Accessories. But try your best to get the New Stock as Old Fish can carry diseases.

2. Golden Fish - Al Najma Steet, They have good varieties of Fish, Not so sure of Aquariums.

3. Animal Kingdom - Frig Al Nasser (Al Mirqab Street)

4. Near Fast Fish at Airport Road.

5. Near Palace Super Market - Al Muntaza Street, beside a small garden

6. Bu Huraira - Opp Falcon Video & Audio, Al Mirqab Street, Beside the Signals.

7. On al Wakra Road, Opp Mitusbish Service Center.

8. On Al Landmark Interchange, Opp the Immigration Office.

I guess that's about it. The Best one is the Beauty Fish.

I have been to all these shops.. Beauty Fish is the best place,make sure you know about Aquariums and fishes. Dont mix fish that you dont know about. If its for your daugther start off with Gold Fish or Black Moore easy to maintain. But make sure you see if they have any infections like Blood Streaked Fins, Wounds or abrasions, Fins eaten away and so on. as I am sure you wouldnt want your daughter to be sad in case they fall ill or die.

Good luck.. Love Your Fish coz they too have feelings..

Best Regards

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Well writen quite informative.

BTW i have a 50G marine tank would need some help witht he water parameters n testing me quite a dumbo in chemistry.

There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right side

Both are very helpful and will guide you along the right path. Depending on the size of your aquarium, I strongly advise asking for both an undergravel filter as well as an internal filter. They will both tell you that the undergravel is not needed, but I find it is almost essential for good plant growth.

And I agree, go for the fresh fish, I have Golden Fish calling me whenever they get a new shipment in.

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i love the fish bowl but i can put only one goldfishg in it



Hello.. there,

Having Marine Aquariums is indeed for those all those Professional Aquarists. I have been planning since a while to set up a Marine Aquarium at home.. I have done my study part on them already, but managing the temperature, pH Values, Alkalanity, Calcium, Magnesium and various other minerals and so on.. takes one hell of your time. Ofocurse Marine Fish are known for being more beautiful, esp if your tank comprises of Reef's & Coral.

But anyway, there are just 2 shops, here in Qatar who are selling Marine Fish, (Golden Fish & Beauty Fish) however its not just limited to having Fish, the ideal equipment such as Lighting, Nitrogen Cycle (Biological Fliteration)Salt water Mixing and so on.. Its a big subject on its own.. But at the moment and due to Time Restrictions, I have been with Fresh Water Aquarium Fish, the hassles is almost 50% less compared to Marine Water Aquariums.

Ideally for Aquariums, esp in Doha, we need to ensure Temperature Stability, if Temp is unstable. fish tend to fall sick, also the proper lighting, quality of food, Aeration and Filteration.

I will give you a Tip: The best way to cure fish when found sick is to seperate the fish from the rest, Put it in new water - Same Temperature as the Tank (Dont Forget Chlorine Remover to condition the water making it suitable for Fish) add a pinch of Rock Salt and let it stay for 4 to 5 days.. Your fish will recover and various diseases are cured.. Not many shops here give you good information as thier prime objective is just to SALE.

So be careful.. and please dont keep Fish in a BOWL.. coz the Gold Fish or any fish for that fact dont realise where they are and are not able to swim..and apparantly go crazy..

You will love it when your fish get excited seeing you approaching the tank as they feel its time for Food..

Best Regards to all..

I am sorry, oamonterio I am not of much help on Marine aquariums.. I am a beginner in that Field.

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"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."

"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend."

If you are a new comer to the aquarium business, dont make the sdame mistake I made! Dont put smaller fish with big ones. The big ones will eat the smaller ones! And can be quite expensive. Also get a Hooevr fish. They are ugly brown ones, stay on the bottom & eat the dirt. Dont know their official name. Good luck


I have a well established marine tank with Sump, protein skimmer, internal n external filters, UV sterilizer, thermometers, mangrove refugium the only thing lacking is Metal halide lights which is not available here n thats the only thing which is stopping me to change my semi reef tank to a full reef tank

so far i have a mix of fish invertebrates, anemone, life rocks etc and they r all doing fine.

2 Books which r a must r

1. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert M. Fenner

2. Water Chemistry for the Marine Aquarium by John H. Tullock

equally important is to be a member of many different forum like

and many more where the hobbyist r very helpful

on these type of forums u will get a wealth of information to keep our fish healthy, happy n disease n algae free

There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right side

First of all if you are looking for a fish for your daughter may i suggest a siamese fighting fish. they are a hardy little fish that only require a small tank,life span of two years, and survive great here as they require a tepid water temp and need for a pump as unlike most fish they draw their oxygen from the air not water and also come in some fantastic colours for a complete home deco try buying three and find some nice vases only need to take 500ml of water and line them up side by side this will cause them to flare their tails and fins just remember to keep only one in each vase and separate the vases to give them alone time.

For those setting up a marine aquarium like tropical its best to choose a an region e.g. great barrier reef and only keep specimens typical to that region as each reef and ocean has its own eco system while its true to say that some species do crossover they are only same geinus not same fish. Also once you have set up your aquarium you need to cycle it this requires you buy a fish for every 10L of water this kicks starts your system (more can be written here but to lengthy)best way to do this is to buy cheap schooling fish like a damsel as you will more than likley end up with dead ones dont be alarmed by this though as anyone starting a new aquarium (even Pros ) do this (hence the reason for the cheap fish). Please remember Some fish do live quite long lives longer than dogs or cats and require the same amount if not more attention dont just keep these fish because you think keeping a fish will be easier, remember you have to clean and feed them just as you would any other animal.

siamese fighting fish r not community fish u cant keep 2 in the same tank.....

Having a Fish tank is more time consuming but the amount of time spent is worth the pleasure u will get

The following point shuld be taken

1.Be an informed Aquarist.

2.have the proper basic equipments

3.practice regular maintenance

4.segregate n quarantine new arrivals

5.know the nutritional requirements of your fish

6.treat sick fish in a separate tank

and the most important

1. buy fish that match your abilities beginner/advanced hobbyist

2. know what u r buying ,,,, the habits n nutritional requirements

2. never buy fish that r unlikely to survive

4 buy healthy fish

There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right side


They are known as Plecos, Hypostomus punctatusare, widely known as "the" algae eater at the fish shop

Though it is seldom they tell you that they grow to be a foot long and will destroy your plants as they get bigger. They have also been known to get a bit more aggressive as they get older. They do a decent job of cleaning the glass. Bristle nose and rubber mouth plecos may be the best choice for a planted tank. The bristle nose stays a bit smaller than its cousins and is a nice addition to any planted tank, eating many forms of algae.

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Aqua Art showroom on Salwa Road near Dulhan Textiles.

They have good collection of Marine fish, coral and fresh water fish as well.

U can get some extremely good Quality aquariums, lightings and the guy there is extremely helpful n resourceful

freej nasar near to Doha Clinic

try Aqua art showroom at Azizia (salwaroad) near Dulhan textiles,Lg showroom

worth to watch ..............very good spacious new showroom for aquarium & all related marine goods....

Where I can find the Resun AE-808 External Canister Filter wool?

Thanks in advance

where can I find the lamp/light market/shop for fish tank, coral reef or small greenhouse, small gardens in Doha?

I have a large aquarium for sale in the classifieds in case anyone is interested :)

Hi just in case you need and aquarium, I have 2 that i need to dispose since I'll leaving for good by February next year. Just contact me for more details.

Mob. No. 55637008

Email :


i've only seen golden fish... any other pet stores with freshwater fishes? i hope someone would mark them on wikimapia or google map.. hehe

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