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Anyone knows any game stores in Al Sadd area? I'm planning to buy a PSP Slim, went already to Carrefour and Virgin but no stocks yet.


I think that is the correct name. Its on the same road as Doha clinic next to the junction with Al Sadd street.


thanks man. i will try to check that one today after office ^__^

If you're limited to Al-Sadd area, try E-Max in CenterPoint mall.

Otherwise, I know they definitely have them in the music store in Landmark mall.

tried already in E-Maxx many time but still out of stocks. thanks man.

Al Sadd area is the only area which probably has most games around lol... go to Al Nasr street, u will find millions of places to buy psp slim, fat, short, long, wide, hacked, hijacked, stolen... any kind u want lol :P... even in Al Sadd street like Tallg said, u have centre point, if u can get to centre point u can get to nasr street too lol. Perhaps there is a shop in Al sadd area, where I buy my stuff from, he gives good discount, forgot the name of the shop but its very near to centre point and is the only game shop there, after that there is a shop opposite to royal plaza.


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"psp slim, fat, short, long, wide, hacked, hijacked, stolen... any kind u want lol :P"

LOL.. anyway, the shop you mentioned near center point? i got an info that they are not offering warranty/replacement if the unit is defective. i dont know with other shops though. I will try in Al Nasser street.

... and i'm planning to modify it myself since i got this very easy tutorial and software for psp unbricking. :p

u may try again its always be some where in doha, sadd area or some big stores. well where can i get the psp casing? -------------THINK HIGH LIVE SIMPLE------------------

if your looking for psp slim. carrefour in landmark has a lot of stock. they went out of stock last month but now they have a lot. i bought 1 too!

it has a special offer, the price for psp slim is 749 QR + 1 free game.

Visit there bro!

got one already at the shop back of royal plaza but i think they overcharged me. i bought it for QR850 :(

well, karma is going to hunt him :P

yay! I have successfully updated my PSP slim to CFW 4.01m33-2 by myself! anyone who wants to modify their psp, just google it. there are many tutorials out there which is very easy to understand. :P

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