GNC or health food store in Qatar?

My boss is travelling to Doha soon and I need to find a store that carries dietary supplements.
He currently drinks "Nature's Best Perfect 1100" in chocolate and "Nature's Best Perfect Low Carb Isopure" also in chocolate.
To ship them from the U.S. can cost $466 so we're looking for a way to get them in Qatar for a more reasonable price (they only cost $25 each in the U.S.).
If anyone can help, would appreciate it.


Theres a GNC shop in City Centre, but sorry im not sure if they stock what you asked for..
I don't think I've seen Nature's Best stuff in GNC. What are the two products you mention - protein/creatine supplements? "Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience."
yes there is GNC in villagio near to food court....
are in City Center near the Home Center Store, and in Villagio mall they have some sort of Kiosk near the Food court. If you ask them politely for something they don't have, they will call their associate store in other shopping mall in order to provide you with the best choice. Best regards!!!
hi.....if u lookin for any products from GNC u can get in touch with me.......prices much lesser than what available in GNC - qatar For product information check All the products will be from US directly U can get in touch with at
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