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Tried finding the gold souk as marked in the Time Out Doha guide only to be confronted with a rubble filled temporary car park! Is the map wrong or has the souk be moved elsewhere




just call karwa and ask to take you there. khalas

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

why not trying alghanim gold souk (opposite alghanim central bus station?

tlpatlpa, i think thats the only gold souq here in doha, right??? is there another gold souq here then???


The gold souk is on Al Ashat St. which runs one block south of Ali Bin Abdullah St.  Al Fardan Ferrari is a good landmark as is the bus station. The pigeon Mosque is just north of it also. LuLu's Hypermarket also has some  gold merchants and they list their prices ans there are little gold souks spread throughout Doha such as over on Al Diwan and Al Nakheel St which is near Sofitel.

Good luck.






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If you get to Al Fardan oceans, the showroom for Ferrari. The gold souq is behind it. It's very easy to find it.  



"Be Like a Flower, Which gives off it's fragrance

even to the hand that crushes it."

obviously I cant read a map!! thx for directions!!

that is quite obvious!!! U r most "Welcome" !!! 



"Be Like a Flower, Which gives off it's fragrance

even to the hand that crushes it."

ok i admit i cant make head or tail of a


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please when you return from the souq inform us how much is selling and how much is baying gram of gold (24k)thank you in advance  

Once the information is taken, no one comes back to give the feedback :) Thats the rule

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