Harina Pan

Hola Everyone :)

What is the cheapest and easiest way to buy "Harina Pan" ?

Any Online Shopping that delivers "Harina Pan" to Qatar ?


For those who don't know, "Harina Pan" is a Venezuelan corn flour



What is the difference between this corn flour and others available in the market?

Cornflour is from corn and flour is from wheat.Wheat flour has gluten, cornflour does not.

Come on Wolf00. I am not asking the difference between corn flour and wheat flour. My question was about the difference between the Harina Pan and the other corn flours in the market.

Harina Pan  (HP) is not available anywhere in Doha.

You could try your luck with amazon, they sell it and sometimes the deal is good, you could use the Aramex services to have it delivered to Doha.

Another way around is to have somebody in Venezuela to ship it to you via IPOSTEL (postal service) since some people here in the Middle East do that; and even though it takes some days to arrive the glory to see those HP packages is amazing.

Some other people ask those going back and forth to Venezuela, US, Spain or even UK to get some and bring it back with them.


PS: did you know that here you can find the Tosty Arepa, Geepas version??

Hola a todos. Ahora tenemos en Qatar Harina Pan y Maseca. llamame que yo te puedo proveer todos los mese. El precio por la bolsa (1Kg) es de QR 28 y la bolsa de Maseca (2Kg) QR50

Telefono: 974-55481282

Harina Pan is now available in al Gharafa LULU hypermarket (Facing Landmark)

1Kg 13.75 QR

Hurry up!!!!

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