How can i order IPAD 2 from Apple online Website.Looks like Apple is no more sending the shippment to Aramex (Shop n Ship).I think ARAMEX/FEDED/DHL is black listed by Apple.

Any help or advice please?


If you have some relatives living in united states or some one u know that's the only way

I tried to ship it by aramex and the refused and cancelled the order

i have available ipad 2 16gb white wi-fi only sealed in a box for QR3000.

Simplestguy, you do realize that that particular ipad sells for $499 in the US - just saying!


It's too much my friend.Reduce the price if you are intrested to sell.

in APPLE store, it will take 4 to 5 weeks waiting time. and, it's not 100% sure.

i have a friend in the US who bought the IPAD2 in the retail market. he bought it for US750. so....

no problem, i'm just offering to you this. or, just wait for sometime to get an ipad2.

Yes, he bought the 3G ipad with 64 gb for about $750.


we are talking here about ipad2.

you can check in apple store how much is the ipad2 wifi+3g 64gb.

in retail store, it's much difference because you can get immediately the item.

it's just a matter of patience. if a customer can wait for sometime, then, he/she can get it for less. but, for those people who doesn't care much about money, then, they can have it NOW...

Hehehe.... I got my Ipad 2 from the Apple store for $499 and it took a week, when I visited the US.

By the way i bought 3 ipad 2 from us if you are intrested i can sell u one

I saw Ipad 2 in Carrefour. Though the price is higher here than if you get one in the US, of course.

they are selling 64GB+wifi for 3575, 32GB+wifi for 3079, and 16GB+wifi for 2699. these are excluding shipping charge

If you want my advice, since you may not have friends or relatives in the States, get it from here just the way I did. I didn't want to waste time. By the time Apple approves your order and agrees to send it via any company, iPad 3 will on the corners surfacing out.

Get one from here and relief yourself. Yes its expensive, but you don't have to unlock it because its officially unlocked. You don't have to jailbreak anything. Open the box and get started.

Just my advice ... iSpot is selling them as well as ePro in the Mall. These are the ONLY two Apple PREMIUM Resellers in Doha.

no jailbreak yet for ipad2.

u can order frm apple online store. and u guys who are selling ur ipad or ipad 2's ur talking it way to high. I can get a ipad 2 black or white 16gb wifi only for $499. which is around QR 1800-2000. aLSO OLINE U GET TO engrave yours for free. Anything u can write. so the guys ur rippin us off in qatar. I had done a fourm on this b4. u check that out

private message me if you want to reserve one

I can give you an ipad 2 32GB black wifi for 3600QR,, thats probably the cheapest you'll find on QL

Hi Gothmama

can you give more details about the two IPAD2 you have.

color, storage, price,..etc

people enjoy being ripped off in here. all it takes a VISA card and a paypall account you spineless oafs!

ipad2 16b for 3000 qatari?.. why don't you stick it up ur AN*S?

I have some 16GB iPads for sale if anyone is interested

do u still have these?

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