Lulu Promotion fraud…

Yesterday I saw a lulu promotion advert in Gulf times, Prawns Qr. 19 per kg. I reached lulu by 11.30 am the fish counter helper said “all finished”
What fraud to grab the crowed, may be they bring about 5-10 kg’s & try to grab the crowed by advertising to one item & promote the rest of the things. This is not the first experience with Lulu.

But believe me this never happens with Safari, when they advertise they always have sufficient stock

this is misleading....


good Add!

You are Duck and u eat Prawns....:(

are you working with safari my priend? i want to buy prawns...

If you want fresh seafood you should always arrive in good time.

BTW, on the promotional flyer it would have said "While stocks last"

You take your chance

i agree this promotion from Lulu is not true...

If they don't have bread, let them eat cake... if they don't have prawns, buy lobsters ;-))

Enough about food, you are making me hungry.

damn you Colt, stop talking about food! :P

Lulu promotion is not true...

Thai food you mean :-P

I wouldn't let Lucy hear you bad mouth Lulus, she'll have you!

Colt, especially Thai food... I love Thai food... and you're making me hungry.. :(

lol snessy !

Lucy will jump from nowhere, if she reads the word "LuLu"....:(

lol sness, she is in Dubai busy looking for a place to hang out till check in time in hotel... wait till she gets settled in.. ;)

When i bought this promotion item (prawns) from lulu, the announcement of QR19 / kg was actually blaring from the loudspeaker even at that moment.

But when i came home and saw the receipt, it showed that i had been charged at the rate of QR44 / kg!!!

Unlike my wife, i am not in the habit of checking price tags all the time.

Same story for Electronic products in Lulu. I bought a Samsung TV and assumed the installation is available and the salesman too agreed. Now it is a month and I have not seen them even after a reminder, got help from a friend to assemble and install.

The Users manual still missing and the 42 inch TV was just not worth buying after this trouble.

No disrespect, but it's not exactly difficult to take a TV out of the box and plug it in...what do you need to assemble?

Okay guys , I will bring this in to Mr. M. A Yousaf ali's attention.

Yes sure. In Qatar most of the shopping center giving as like fraud sale promotion.

E:g. They tell that 50% disscount but they make around 80% rising the reguler price after that reduce 50%.

Well, I went there at 10am yesterday. Promotion was on, and there were prawns. I ended up buying twice the amount I had planned. People were buying by the bucket loads. You missed out because you went late. They had lots, but they were going quickly. I guess you need to go early to get them while they are "in stock".

how is this fraud when they clearly ran out of the promo "while stocks last" the poster above says get there early next time...

Crabs were freaking 11 bucks a kg...took a drive down to the corniche and got 3 kgs for 10 bucks :P lovely big crabs :P

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