MarkaVIP ???
By alice_johnson • 3 years 8 months ago.

hello again
can any one tell what is this MarkaVIP is ??? i know its a online shopping site but i want to know is it worth or just waste of time and waste of money ?? please help me
thanks in a

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By ppriyas• 3 years 8 months ago.

MarkaVIP, an exclusive online shopping club bringing deals to consumers across the Middle East, expands to bring exclusive deals on premium and emerging brands. The invitation-only club runs online 'flash sales' lasting two to three days, offering its members serious discounts of 40-70% off world-leading brands.

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By Khansahib• 3 years 4 months ago.

a waste of time and money too. delays are very common. bad customer service.

By Hinnz• 2 years 11 months ago.

I tried Markavip before and still I am , they are amazing , I recommended it , check their fantastic offers ! Dont miss it out :)