I was amazed with the PONDS PRODUCT, i have my niece here in Doha and she has acne before, I cant believe she is now pimple free and her face is whiten. Important thing is she has gained confidence. She only use the PONDS FLAWLESS WHITE CREAM DAY AND NIGHT, FACIAL WASH, and she also used the MICRODERMEMBRASION. Microdermbrasion is like the effect of DIAMOND PEEL. We all know that diamond peel is so much expensive. I asked her one time for what she used in her face. Because i want also my wife to try the products she currently using. And she said it was PONDS. It is better than olay. My wife used olay for almost a year but it was not effective and her wringles are gotten worst. Now i also bought 1 item from ponds the perfect matte for oily skin. I can say that it was effective also because my face doesnt shine to much. If you have something to share for the beauty regimen please let us know.. So that i can advise my wife to use 1.

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