RC Cars

hello all

i am seriously looking for RC cars here in doha

please contact me on 6672292


Try City Centre - 3rd floor


Quality dude! Quality!

try along salwa near Fish Market Round about, there is one store there that cateres for RC cars, they have a variety of selection to choose from, also at the back of it there is also small store at the end of the store line a small one but with good price.

Go online and order a good one. They have here for pretty cheap prices but they are slow. Go online and order you a good one with better gears and engine. Might pay a little more but they aren't expensive anyway.

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You can find a lot of information about RC in Qatar at http://rcqatar.com

speed marine along salwa road

Visit Qatar RC Racing Group Off-road Race Track near doha golf club, opposite the twin zigzag tower. You can ask the racing guys where to get good rc kits.

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