Samsung Galaxy s2 Problem + Jarir bookstore

I bought a samsung galaxy s2 from jarir bookstore about 5 days ago so i turn off the next day i turn on i see white red lines up down on the screen (blank screen).So i went back and replaced after 3 days i realized that the phone screen is some where too dark somewhere light and middle red.It can only be seen in too low i downloaded an app Screen Filter i open it.And i clearly see black shadows on the left side of screen and small light sharp dots everywhere.this time im not sure they will accept mycomplain.cause i replaced it im not sure if i ask them to return my cash or echange it..cause the second phone is replced 2 days ago.


Why don't you check the phone while you are in the shop?

review your phone manual

LincolnPirate is right. you should check the unit before leaving the shop.

its the phone.Some people who bought it replaced it more then 2 times according to google.the phone screen is an issue its half bright and half dark.some darks spot even.and im not the first guy

@LincolnPirate: at that time i didnt know that its faulty because it was brand Sealed.

you are so naive arent you? even if it was sealed, you could have asked the salesman to check it for you. Do post the links which says that many users have got their phones replaced because of the problem you mentioned? could be the app itself is giving you problems....

well a sealed phone can not be checked.and ya it was all fine.untill the next day a big white screen came on..and when replaced then at night in dark i see some black marks in the screen..u cant even see the darks now.even ther is red camera spot..which is somehow in every peiceok here the links    &feature=relatedread the comments in the videosand a bunch of them 

Lesson is: Try

my 2500 riyal is lost in just 2 days which i have been collecting for about 3 months 

the screen problem can only be seen in low light so how is there gonna be low mean it can be seen in night.dark placethey dont even answer my phone now :( 

you can change it to another brand, can go for apple, SE, HTC

but i already pay for it and second there is no phone right now that is good..and already tried iphone

an infected program!

never buy a Samsung touchscreen phone again... they are not good with producing touchscreen phone... my friend and i have samsung phone before and both got a problem with the touch screen in less than a year... try other brand...

(me and my daughter use it) for more than a year, almost two years, and it's still in perfect condition!In any brands, there will always be factory defects that will arise once in a while.  The problem with the latest gadgets is that so many programs are dowloadable and yet, if the protection of the gadget is not that smart, they virus can come easily!

I am using a Samsung touchphone which is working perfectly. I never had any problem with its touchscreen.

I read those phones had an issue with their screen auto contrast function. But I also read that Samsung had fixed that issue quick smart.Sorry I can't help. I've been interested in buying one myself in the next few days... now I'm thinking again :(

Dont buy done do the mistake like i really kinda crap phone.

Thankfully karma works quite fast in some cases! Happy to see you received your punishment for BRAGGING about getting away with returning a phone on which you downloaded software with virus!

Now on a lighter note: Take the phone directly to the Samsung dealership / repair center. They will either repair or replace it. Samsung service in Qatar is excellent. Just make sure you leave your wasta daddy home and behave with respect!

i wonder how did Samsung sell 5 million units in 5 days initially if this was a issue or was it just marketing strategy!!

Yeah, I've just finished reading a lot of reviews online and I think I will buy one tomorrow. I'll just try to make sure it works before I walk out of the store with it, I guess.

Try to reset the Phone in Factory Default Settings and see if it finishes the problem, if not then take it back to Jarir and tell them to replace it again....

So is Qtel a reliable retailer of phones?

did u ever tried Xperia Arc?else then internal memory there is no problem at all.. internal memory is very less.. but you can add a memory card

Hubby and I both have Samsung Phones and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. We both would not change it for anything! Looooove them!

I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab too :) Its like having a netbook and a phone at the same time ... but the con is... its too big to put in my pocket :( but all in all... i love it :) And all the features works fine though sometimes, the screen freezes for a couple of minutes :(

I ended up buying it! 2 nights ago from Qtel Villaggio.I'm very impressed with it and have had no issues with it whatsoever. Everything works perfect and the SuperAmoled screen is beautiful.I downloaded Lookout antivirus app and I have no viruses or anything.I love this phone!!!


Darn, the battery drains really fast because I keep using it so much lol.I will get a battery pack to boost it.<3 this phone :D

@DamNative- looks like your enjoying your phone as much as i do :))

Apple sued samsung for Galaxy S 11.....  for copying Iphone...

2,599 QAR in Virgin.

Yeah mine cost same price at QTel Villaggio.and yes I am really enjoying my S2 :D

My 2 cents:

Please everyone, do yourself a favour and never buy any gadgetry from Jarir Bookstore!!!! I bought myself a Dell Inspiron 1525 in 2009 and within a few months, I was already having problems with it.

I bought it on January 16, 2009 and 6 months into owning the laptop, I had to take it in for repairs as I was getting constant error message popups which made it really vulnerable to security compromises.

The technician at the repair store said that these vulnerabilities were caused by some problem that had taken place since January 9, 2009 ---> A WHOLE WEEK BEFORE I PURCHASED the Dell from Jarir.

Also, I had a friend who bought a Nokia N-series cellphone from Jarir, which in a few months stopped working completely for no reason and she barely even used it, so there was so chance of any damage due to usage.

I am extremely wary of buying any electronic technology from Jarir, just stick to stuff that will not need batteries or electricity and rest assured you will save a lot of your hard-earned money!!

I bought my Samsung Galaxy S2 from Lulu Hypermarket, which works decently 3 months into the purchase *knock on wood*

I agree. Many time I bought things from Jarir just to find one problem or another with it. PCs with motherboard problems, phones with screen or cosmetic problems. Many have told me that Jarir actually sells refurbished devices. And I believe this to be the case. I have bought my last device form Jarir. Never again will a be ripped off by these criminals. Stay away from Jarir and you will have a piece of mind.

I bought a laptop from jarir but I don't have any problems until now. I believe your problem was about software and not hardware. If your running in windows and if there is a notification about "WINDOWS UPDATE", please update your system. People have issues with there laptops because they stop the updates or not installed any virus programs that protect the computer. And also when people surfs the net they just install and install without knowing what's the purpose of the program they are installing that's why they end up with a faulty system. Also a problem with the people in sales is that they don't know how to explain to people about the products and issues concerning to it.

Can u sell it I will buy it

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