Samsung Galaxy S4 - Buy - No Buy
By ansarifaiyaz • 3 years 5 days ago.

Soon, am going to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 for gifting some1. This person uses phone for WhatsApp and regular phone calls and will be cheking mails once got this phone.

I read reviews on net and got overall positive review except few glitches.

I just thought to get last opinion from you guys if you can give tips on buying are not buying S4.

Also if some1 can comment what colors available and are there different models in S4.

a. Your comment on buying S4
b. what colors available
c. are there different models in S4

Thanks for reading.

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By Lucky Luciano• 3 years 5 days ago.
Lucky Luciano

there is a question and answers section in QL for this kind of crap

By zafirah• 3 years 5 days ago.

color white.

By meg123• 3 years 5 days ago.

u can check samsung website.that's better.

By leader000• 3 years 5 days ago.

Meg u are correct said......!

By Tien Shan• 3 years 5 days ago.
Tien Shan

Go ahead its best of phones u can gift among all smart mobs,its well worth go ahead 100%

By Faridah• 2 years 11 months ago.
Faridah is still offer the best price in GCC.

By whatthehell• 2 years 6 months ago.

Did u buy it? How do you like it in camparison to iPhone? I'm planning on changing mine, so your feedback would be helpful.

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