Second-hand souq

What's the name of that souq selling 2nd-hand goods, e.g. electronics, gym equipment, furniture etc?


can check the ad board in the malls

you can check QL classifieds

and you ca visit souq heraj in najma

can you please list all the items available at the souq..thankyou!

souq al najma near to najma signals there u can purchase any kind second-hands items usually with low pricess..thnx

for sure every shop has a piece of you like pink thong pink kia parts and pink c string and pink g string which were stolen from your mechanic shop and laundry :D

oh and your nasty pink colour kinky stuff which you never told us

HaHaHaHa...Waiting for brit's turn! :)

and the pink color grass hover too which you use for cutting or shaving your body hair all are going cheap

You can try @ Industrial area saaniyaa for verhicle 2nd hand parts, najma shop for house hold and for the rest... you just need to jump here and there! good luck

You said you would only borrow my Pink thongs, not sell them off to the souq.

I'm going to have a crack at wearing them again..

try them but the front part was quiet tiny for my size

They must have shrunk when you washed them.


go for 100% cotton... it should help from shrinking!

I see Victoria's Secret is selling a camouflage thong.

On what battlefield is it necessary to disguise yourself as shrubbery with a great BTM?

Perhaps they're so that no one can see you coming. ?


rofl - very good lol

get back to topic i was just telling him about the shops what they sell


why would i wash that piece of thread Brit used it so much it all got worn out

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