Tomato Juice.

Morning all. I wonder if anyone knows where i can procure some decent tomato juice (not V8). A couple of Indian colleagues informed me that they only use tomatoes for cooking and never drink the juice (not sure how true that is?), but might explain the lack of it here due to the majority of stores being run by Indians. However after trying careffour which sells small, not very nice tins, Megamart who sell Big Tom which is ok in a BM as well as clamato, ive yet to see any here in Qatar in my 5 years. The only time you can get something that resembles Tom juice is in the QA lounge or on the flight, but where do they get the cartons from? Your help would be appreciated if you know of any stock anywhere, thanks R


I buy the cartons at nearly any food shop (Family Food, Giant, Carrefour, etc.) You have to look carefully because it is often next to the apple juice which helps disguise the tomato juice

Thanks, have tried Giant but not family food, may give that a go tomorrow am , as a treat!

UK ENG there aint no cartons of unseasoned tomato juice in Mega Mart, only Big Tom which is seasoned with the usual stuff, and clamato, which again is USA stuff highlt processed and they even have the nerve to suggest on the side of the jug to mix it with beer!!!! im after the carton stuff processed yes but with at least some Vit C in it (Waitrose do a good one). Sorry to sound obsessive but i have not managed to see any decent tom juice here at all, hence putting the feelers out...

If you are a Canadian or Mexican you will not be shocked to see the label which says mix with beer. They normally do that (Cerveza).

Indians normally don't drink tomato juice but they use fresh tomatoes and tomato puree a lot in their cooking.

I think the demand for tomato juice is less in this part of the world and as it is used for cooking the puree version is vastly available at much cheaper prices than tomato juice but still you can find it in most of the major supermarkets.

I don't know any Canadians that mix clamato with beer - they use it to make a bloody Caesar - google a recipe if you're interested.

Not sure about Canadians mixing beer with clamato, but i have heard of the Americans mixing it with beer and i think its called a red rooster. Your ceaser recipe is virtually the same as a bloody mary, heres how i make mine, and its very nice.

1 cocktail shaker, add ice, add two shots quality vodka, and one shot dry sherry. add tom juice clamato is best for this. juice of one lime, worcester sauce, tabasco sauce, salt and pepper, shake over ice then pour over fresh ice in a glass. Now here is the best bit, grate a lot of fresh horseraddish into the top of the glass, and a long slice of cucumber and enjoy... my local pub in the UK won an award for this bloody mary recipie.

Marycatherine, have you heard about Calgary Red Eye? Check with someone who will tell you what is that.

How revolting, why do I have a suspicion that the beer clamato thing is an Alberta/western oilpatch invention


You guys are not even leaving that poor tomato juice by mixing it with alcohol or beer whatever.

I have 3 cartons of lovely pure unseasoned tomato juice in my fridge that I bought at Lulu 2 days ago! I drink a lot of TJ, neat! I've also bought it from Giant Stores in the past.

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