Top Ten Gifts/Souvenirs from Qatar

At Qataris request, her's my list of suggestions for gift-giving as you leave for your summer vacation. I've tried to stick to items that are from Qatar of at least the Gulf region. Hope this can be of help to some of you shoppers...

  1. The Quran - this is available in an Arabic/English version (other languages too...try bookshops or the Qatari Islamic Centre - lighthouse lookalike next to Souq Faleh near the Corniche which is lit up beautifully at night)
  2. Locally made halawa (available in souq area)...I particularly like OMANI halawa
  3. A dullah (traditional coffee pot with a set of small kahwa cups (for Arabic coffee) can buy Arabic coffee in the souq but I like the coffee from the shop Al Ameed opposite Macdonalds on C ring road after Ramada (this is usually brewed slowly with added cloves, saffron, cardamon but quick and easy way to make the coffee is use about one tblsp. with one regular size mug of boling water
  4. A traditional incense burner with stamp State of some smokeless charcoal pieces, frankincense and bukhoor and you can wrap it up with clear plastic to male a pretty package. (again items available in souq...incense burner = madqan)
  5. Gold jewellery with a Gulf design
  6. A sword used for ardha (Traditional sword dance performed at celebrations)
  7. Good quality can get a variety of kinds...dry/wet/yellow...again try the souq or Giant supermarket at Hyatt Plaza has a half decent date stall
  8. An abaya with shayla and a thobe with igal and guttra(headgear)...available in all sizes from the souq...very popular for dressing up with children!
  9. A hardback coffee table book about Qatar (several kinds available)
  10. Gulf style 'Russian dolls" available from the souq or Hallmark shops (which also stock other fun souvenirs.

Happy shopping out there!!!