Top Ten Gifts/Souvenirs from Qatar

At Qataris request, her's my list of suggestions for gift-giving as you leave for your summer vacation. I've tried to stick to items that are from Qatar of at least the Gulf region. Hope this can be of help to some of you shoppers...

  1. The Quran - this is available in an Arabic/English version (other languages too...try bookshops or the Qatari Islamic Centre - lighthouse lookalike next to Souq Faleh near the Corniche which is lit up beautifully at night)
  2. Locally made halawa (available in souq area)...I particularly like OMANI halawa
  3. A dullah (traditional coffee pot with a set of small kahwa cups (for Arabic coffee) can buy Arabic coffee in the souq but I like the coffee from the shop Al Ameed opposite Macdonalds on C ring road after Ramada (this is usually brewed slowly with added cloves, saffron, cardamon but quick and easy way to make the coffee is use about one tblsp. with one regular size mug of boling water
  4. A traditional incense burner with stamp State of some smokeless charcoal pieces, frankincense and bukhoor and you can wrap it up with clear plastic to male a pretty package. (again items available in souq...incense burner = madqan)
  5. Gold jewellery with a Gulf design
  6. A sword used for ardha (Traditional sword dance performed at celebrations)
  7. Good quality can get a variety of kinds...dry/wet/yellow...again try the souq or Giant supermarket at Hyatt Plaza has a half decent date stall
  8. An abaya with shayla and a thobe with igal and guttra(headgear)...available in all sizes from the souq...very popular for dressing up with children!
  9. A hardback coffee table book about Qatar (several kinds available)
  10. Gulf style 'Russian dolls" available from the souq or Hallmark shops (which also stock other fun souvenirs.

Happy shopping out there!!!


oh sorry...didn't finish point three of how to make quick Arabic coffee. OK, one tblsp. Arabic coffee to one mug of water (adjust quantities accordingly). Bring to a boil in a pan and simmer for at least five minutes. You can add a few cloves, a coule of pods of cardamon with one or two opened and a touch of saffron whilst boiling for extra flavour. Strain carefully into coffeepot so you don't drink the sedement. Ideally taken in small coffee cups with something sweet...a date usually. Enjoy!

Dont you think u are forgetting some thing here. beside the sword there is a stick beautifully designed.what do you call that. i bought 2 last time from friends took it from me and never gave me back :(


yes! all manner of sticks here in the souq...had to narrow it down to ten, that's all!

Not great for anyone who isn't actually Muslim, unless they have a lot of time on their hands, perhaps that's why a lot of prisoners convert.

The rest are all very good Ideas, the coffee pots are cute, the Gold is a bit tacky now but cheap and the well made swords swords are great.

I also saw some Iraqi money with poor old Sadamm's face on nice little souvenir of my favourite dictator.

Book on flora of Qatar its available in ISPY@citycentre, Sea shells hard cover book avl @ Jarir are one of the best gifts.

Arabic perfume is annoying to some still its one of the best gift.

Traditional cushion covers avail in Souq waqif

My favourite is hospitality can use it for carrying food in hospitals, picnics

Arabic phrases and COOKERY BOOK

No dhow?

Aviduser, disagree on Quran not being much use to anyone. I thought a lot of people would be interested in at least skimming through one as the culture here in many ways reflects the fact that it is a predominantly Islamic country. I have any number of religious books in my library at home that I have picked up on my travels. Actually, many expats have asked me for a copy of the Quran in English.

Dweller, oh yes the beautiful dhow! Sorry, totally forgot that one. Although the real thing is sooo much better than a little replica to put on one's mantelpiece. Bit too big to put in your suitcase though.

Eco-savvy, what's a hospitality bag?. Curious.

I find the fact you have listed The Holy Quran as a souvenir disturbing. The Quran isn't a souvenir just like the Bible or Torah aren't. Maybe I missed the point but the Quran isn't a decorative item.

Please enlighten me incase I missed the point or the boat totally!

Katraf, the thread title includes the word 'gift'. It is popular to give Quran's as a gift on occsions of travelling, a new house, a new baby, a bereavement, a wedding, etc.

Great list diamondgirl, I was looking for something to bring home for a friend as a wedding gift, I'll give the Quran a skip since she's pretty Catholic, but the rest are great ideas. :)

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if i am going to bring home a sword will there be a problem with immigration or airport?

if its a decoration antique sword then u need to get the slip from the shop too so there wont be any problem.

i brought one with me last time a big stick inside was a sword upson showin them the slip from the shop i bought it they cleared it for me. SO NO PROBLEM.


Thanks Gypsy...something I left out because they're not technically Khaleeji but BEAUTIFUL and a particular favourite for my house and to give as gifts (especially wedding presents!) are Persian carpets. Expensive as they are you can get them here for a good price. They come in all shapes and sizes so there should something for everyone's budget.

shlonich sho akhbarich asak bekhair wa rasak bekhair :D

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hala DaRuDe, head is on the mend but no swimming for another few weeks...having to hit the gym every day but much prefer swimming. Despite having my head stapled the stitches are those magic ones that dissolve so no problem there.

shimsowie ilyom?

hahahaha poor u no gym no swimmin pool no worries wait a while will be fine. u can have the staple remover any time and pluck them off,

shimsowie hmm rayeh shugal alhen endna ejtema.if u are CEO i am A-CEO.a well known :D

am off see you guys in a while.


Est ce que vous parlez francis aussi DeRuDe? Bon courage pour votre travail aujourdhi. Moi je travais pas suis a la maison.

i need a translator urgent plz plz quick translatorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr translate this for me quiccccccccccck :|


it says: do you speak french too darude? good luck with your work today. i'm not working today. i'm in the house.

thanks for that

sure no fees for translating that right :D

DaimoDgirl Thanks but plz next time no french very hard to find translators here :S


zain, arabi wa inglaisi bas hag int!

kalmi al rahtich zain franca wala arabi endi translators hini ala forum :D

bas guli shu hatsawi lou ana akalmak fil lougha farsi afghani mub irani :D


J'espère que vous recevez mon P.M. DaRuDe


"I know how and when to say "Please", "Sorry", & "Thank You"

oui j'ai obtenu l'ur P.M. et j'ai répondu au ce trop et ai regardé la magie maintenant :D d'atthe


c'est une grammaire française formelle ainsi prenez-la facile !


"I know how and when to say "Please", "Sorry", & "Thank You"



u should help me improve speaking in Arabic then =) I can read but I don't understand.... writing not a big problem for me. =)


"I know how and when to say "Please", "Sorry", & "Thank You"

hmm need a seperate topic for that cant carry on this one and every one will be pleased to come up translating words that u will like to hear and say it.


thanks for considering anyways!


"I know how and when to say "Please", "Sorry", & "Thank You"

Gift/souvenir has a lot of meaning but I would give the Quran to a Muslim as a gift but not a non muslim. Yes you would give it on the occassion you have mentioned but also to a Muslim.

Katraf, personally I am happy to gift a copy of the Quran to anyone. Many people ask me for a copy of different language translations of the Quran which I am happy to gift them. I don't differentiate between people of different religions. When I met the Dalai Lama he gifted me some books about Buddism. I was happy to receive them. This is not a Muslim/non-Muslim thread - there's plenty of that already on this website.

I like your comments....we dont get to see many Qatari girls like you here. All your comments make sense...

yea she is the only Qatari along with few others but they dont post here that much.

Shlonich ya shaikha wain rai7a alyoum


Thanks Gypsy Gal! Trying to put over my own point of view...

bekhair, alhamdulilah, wa int DaRuDe? Today I'm working away at my office, preparing for my next business trip. I'm off to London in a week or so.

That's what makes you different... you don't think like a typical Qatari girl (with an No offence meant... need to translate your Arabic...dont wanna miss the humor in your

Was the sword taken in check-in luggage or carry-on?

water pipe first time he came to Qatar several years ago...brought it back on the plane with him cause it didn't want it damaged. Had to unwrap it each time he went through customs here, London and Houston because no one, except here, knew what it was! Got it home and showed my youngest son, who at the time was 17...who immediately, what you doing with a giant bong??? We used to sit on the front porch back home (small town with a narrow minded attitude) and smoke the pipe and people would walk by slowly staring at us all. I'm surprised someone didn't call the police on us.

What about those traditional sheesha's?

Oh and there's a store in Souq Waqif where they sell small monuments to be placed on table, with Qatar's buildings, forts, people etc..., its located at the back of the souq, next to the Asherej Cafe.

Oh and you missed the rosewater bottles too and what about the pearls lol.

Ehhhhhhhhhh Sorry i missed this thread sorry sorry again

shlonich akhbarich bekhair

mub rayeh ejaza hayel saif :D


I would not recommend the circulation of sheeshas as 'traditional gifts'. They are probably some 'gadgets of the past' that we need to leave to the past and not bring along with us to the future.Dates are good traditional alternative consumables.   Qatar's Online StoreShop online, same-day delivery to your door in Qatar!


In fact I took back with me the rose water bottles the brass ones and also a few coffee pots which people liked very much.

The Dhows you can now purchase in glass containers they are a little more expensive but you can get them in all sizes nowadays.

I also took home thermos coffee pots  for some friends they were delighted with them.

Persian carpets - you have to be careful with this that they are authentic a small silk one will cost you anything from QR 5000 - 10.000 you will also get a certificate of authentication.

you can buy pearls as a gift with reasonable prices. I bought few times, people liked it.

back home would print the best ones in poster size and hang them up



*When hands reach out in friendship, hearts are touched with joy*

i wud buy those lamps.. the magic genie kinda lamps.. lol.. i dunno why but i think they luk really good..

I've been asked several times by friends in the US and England to bring

along English Islamic books and English Qurans.

and I always have a book stand filled with those books in my office for those who wants a better understanding of Islam

Also Gulf greetings have or used to have those nice traditional magnets and

book markers. I like the camels in there too.

Jalabya, the dress you find in the souqs are good too. And other traditional

outfits you can easily find in the souqs.

My friend’s mother loves to cook, so I gave her an English cook book of

Arabic dishes along with spices and she loved it.

People are also crazy about those gold or silver necklaces with their names

in Arabic and the swirly rings.

Arabic Music, especially the Oud instrument is on demand too.

There is an artist who paints nice Arabic sites. His paintings are always on




In the Cookies of Life, FRIENDS are the Chocolate Chips

In the Souk you can buy nicely packaged Arabic Carpet style MOUSE Matts for QR 50.00 each - really good value and soooooooo easy to carry home OR why not an Arab Man money box at QR 55.00 from Hallmark in Villagio and Landmark ( Qatars finest Malls yah ! ) Hey ho - back to the Gin!

Nice tips!Personally i prefer jewelry as gifts or maybe some extra special bag,maybe handmade ones.I really like this article,very interesting.


a mini camel



with the mini desert sand dune..


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Don forget the lamp holders, the mini tea sets



Nice gift suggestion.I like Gold jewelry with a Gulf design the best.

of sandals re-shod with the tyre tread of your choice.

Always a winner and novel too.

a carved camel bone will do..

These are great ideas.

there are now some stuffed animals (camels). are they made in Qatar?

never knew gulf men wear jewels

Hoy Hoy

Very nice tips. Very helpful. But I think the Quran should not be treated as a souvenir. In fact my muslim friend told me that non-muslims are not allowed to touch the Quran. Please enlighten me. thanks

It doesn't really matter what name we give to our God or our Bibles. The important thing is that we understand others and their religion and respect them for that. In order to do so we must study other religions. That doesn't mean we betray our believes. We're just making them stronger.


Samuel Stanislas, part of the Traduceri team.


One year I bought sets of good Hajj towels and took them to the tailor who embroidered people's names on them, English on one end and Arabic on the other. They were the hit gift that Christmas. :-)

Please. No advertising on the forums

Is it possible to find silk bedsheets? Anyone know the price for a set? you know where can i buy an authentic qatari sword..whats it called in qatari dialect(i mean one a qatari would buy)..ur info wud b helpful..

When material objects are given as gifts, in many cultures they are traditionally packaged in some manner. For example, in Western culture, gifts are often wrapped in wrapping paper and accompanied by a gift note which may note the occasion, the giftee's name, and the giver's name. In Chinese culture, red wrapping connotes luck.

Promotional products

how about a truckload copies of labor law

Try some jewellery in old souk made with gold foil on amber lockets with necklace of threads. Cheap & unique


Your blog appears quite informative. Can you please tell me how can I read your rss blog?


sears parts

When material objects are given as gifts, in many cultures they are traditionally packaged in some manner. For example, in Western culture, gifts are often wrapped in wrapping paper and accompanied by a gift note which may note the occasion, the giftee's name, and the giver's name. In Chinese culture, red wrapping connotes luck.

promotional products

johnpur said "how about a truckload copies of labor law"

LOL good 1 ;)

Desert sand to add to my collection. :)..

yes, I agree, this list is carefully prepared.

i brought, for example:

- pearls and some arabic style jewerly .. it looked amazing, stylish and unique!

- Quran in English to read (for myself) .. to get to know arabic style of behavior better,

- Halwa and Dates, unfortunately were not met with appladius cause some people don't eat them .. so, it is very special and you must ask in advance if them eat some turkish or arabic sweets.

- Sword is exactly what I am looking for as a next present! Thank you, Diamond, for this idea!

Even though I'm a christian I'm curious to read the Quran.

If what your friend says is true then the quran wouldn't be sold at bookstores, or given away in the Fanar Cultural Center to non muslims.

I got one recently and I received with lot's of joy but also with lot's of respect.

Hope this enlightened you!!

Ohh great idea...


i like so much the halawa (any flavor).


The Quran...have also arabic/tagalog version, my friend gave me one when i visited him in Dubai.


Mabuhay po ang QL Community!!!!!

QURAN is good idea but u know its wrong that u write abaya is good for dressing up with children. That is something traditional and people should respect that. Im wearing abaya but I didnt say it coz u hurted me with that sentence...I said that coz its wrong to teach children to use that for dressing up and making fun about that...

Thank you Diamond for providing wonderful gift ideas.

It is to bad that "Religion / Religious Dress and or Discussions" always turn confrontational.

Truth is that religion(s) (Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Judaism etc) have historically caused pain, suffering, violence, war etc.

I wonder what a world without religon would be like ... ?

Ottoman, a world without religion would be complete anarchy.

Don't underestimate human nature which without constraints can be very brutal and barbaric.

If anything religion tamed humans into the fear of retribution.

Can you imagine those with no fear at all?

Before Islam we women had no rights, we were inherited like cattle and I wouldn't be born today as female infanticide was rampant in our region.

Islam gave us the right to inherit and divorce to name a few.

It gave us our equality as a person and stressed that men respect and love us, rather than use us.

Not all follow religion, and those my friend are the ones who cause the wars you speak of.

It's the half religous the ones you fear, the ones that take on a religon as a name but in reality worship their power to opress, steal, pillage & plunder as though they won't be judged in life or afterlife. Like Pharoh, we have many examples of Pharohs amongst us.

Read the Quran you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

siloam,go to green gate you might find what u like as a gift,,maybe you'll find one for yourself too,

Diamond, how and when did you meet the Dalai Lama?

Please tell us the full story.

methinks you askt too much.

Maybe DG was introduced by George W or the Pope

dweller, have you any idea about the Dalai Lama's QL ID?

But DG says I can't reveal it.

I was at the Islamic Art Museum the other day and I can recommend their gift shop . They are selling Middle Eastern and Qatari gifts with very special designs and all are very nice .

They have silk neckties ,ceramic plates ,mugs with middle eastern pattern . They have exclusive product lines and the cheaper versions of the same designs as well : t-shirts with calligraphy .umbrellas ,poster , cards jewels whatever you would expect from a gift shop to sell.

The Museum itself is open between 10:30 and 5 30 entrance is free . it is on the Corniche


a great gift to take for those of free countries, they can then realise how lucky they are to have press freedom.