What is good vitamins here in Qatar?

hi i am a Filipino now working in Qatar i want to buy an multi-vitamins here, but i dont know all the brands of vitamins here. can you suggest to me a good vitamins BUT not so expensive.. hehe..

tanks to all!!


nature's bounty is good...

seven seas - vitrite

buy Centrum or centrum silver if you are above 50.

u can get Centrum its quite good.

saeedkan, it is available in all drugstores... also in lulu hyper and carrefour. it is very effective.

Try "Electro-Plus Power Booster Capsule" Its an Ayurvedic Vitamin Capsule Completely Side effect free Good for all age group.

Available at major Pharmacies

GNC Mega Men vitamin is v good.

First you need to ask yourself why do you need to take them? Do you have a medical condition or illness that needs supplements? Are you taking them because your diet is poor?

Vitamins supplemnets are not necessary for healthy individuals who eat a balanced diet.

Extra Vitamin is injurious to health and even acts as toxin!

Black Cumin Seed (Nigella sativa)

If you are eating right, you need no Vitamin supplements.

There is no possible way someone can have all essential vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals from every day food. "especially when they have a certain budget constraint for food" Vitamin pills are very useful and if the person eats healthy, it is always better to take half of the recommended amount.

So god does not provide enough nutrients in food that we have to take supplements? I don't beleive god would be so cruel

Thanks all Fast and reliable reply! =)

this is my first time to post a forums here in QL, and i fond i very comfortable..

i think i will get Centrum, because in the Philippines that is a good Mineral supporting vitamins.. But thanks again to the suggestion..

exiledsaint thanks for the comment friend..! that is a good point. but i think because of my work i can not take or prepare a balance diet for my self, and as i say im new here in Qatar so i dont want to wait for that time that i will be sick before i take Vitamins..

Thanks a lot.. =)

so if its dangerous to have a exceeding vitamins in our body, what if i take the vitamins every-other day?

Viagra is a good Vitamin for one day....

also saffy...made in Saudi (according to the Irani Guy at Orion)... non stop for 3 days ;)

WTH!! Viagra is not a vitamins!! hahah =)

Tinker I prefer the alive camel any day...over a dead and dried sand lizard... lol...

Tinker...but I would still need the Camel...after that...

SAND LIZARD WTH is that?? haha. it last one week? =)

Tinker ....lol

I hope you understand that I would use the camel as mode of transportation to go the the nearest town and not for anything else....lol

Black cumin is the best cure for all

i used seven seas.. and also you can find pharmaton (complete vit.)on local drug stores..

thanks Frexie, =)

vitamins doesnt have long term effect... human body does not have the capacity to store vitamins...it gets washed off in a day or two !! vitamins can cause allergic reactions to some !!

goin by yr profile pic..is Viagra wat u lukin 4 ;-)

stop suggesting the viagra, i dont need it im still young!! Lol.. and the viagra here is so expensive compared to Philippines..

BTW thanks joe148 for advise ..

If you do not need how come you know the price

I have been looking forever to find something like this! Great idea and I must say, it works great.

orlando weight loss clinic

lol i just not know the exact price but someone is saying that is expensive.. =)

is Centrum :-)

thanks aisha, yes i choose centrum because know in my work its very busy sometimes i forget to eat in time.. =)

Electro-Plus Power Booster Ayurvedic Capsules, I am sure you will like the results.

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