Where to buy BHUT JOLOKIA? Chili peper!

Does anybody know where i can buy here in Doha, Bhut Jolokia or something spicy and hot like it? Thanks


If you're asking about red dried Chili, it's available almost at every super Market and Baqalas

ghazals, it is not the ordinary chilli powder. It is called ghost pepper and is the hottest chilli available in the world. I have seen the fresh one in India and only one chilly will make the curry of one chicken too hot.

ghost pepper:D bhoot mirach?

Please any good info where to buy from, thanks

Ghost pepper!! try the grave yard farms :-)

I know about tataiya Mirach that is extra hot...and available here

Lol BG, Why did you change your monkey pic?

Sorry man, I haven't seen it any where personally.

What a silly question! Is it not obvious? It is ghost chili powder, so where else to buy it but in the ghost market???

That where ALL the ghost products are sold!

Where is it you want to know? It is behind the imaginary forest, next to the imaginary town, where all the ghosts live.

Happy (imaginary) shopping.:P

Tataiya Mirach where can it be bought? Please tell me the location. Thank you

I think tataiya could be an alternative due its extra hot capacity.

It is Tataiya mirch to me :)

Available everywhere.

What are you going to cook so hot deni?

I want to try eat it alone without cooking, but i will also cook a chicken curry with the hot peper inside. No problem help me buy the spicy little thing and youre welcome.

You want to eat that chilly? Are you crazy? I ate some chapati with the chicken curry in which just one chilly was added and I had to take a cup of yogurt with sugar to cool my mouth and stomach.

It gives a great aroma to the curry but it is too hot.

Cherukkan but which chilly was added? Yes im sure i really want to eat something too hot, im ready to eat it alone and to cook something with it! Do you mean by this tatainy mirch?

Did you see the picture I added. That is Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper). Tataiya mirch is not even 10% hot of Ghost pepper.

Sorry ghazals that is not the one OP is looking for


This one in the picture is Ghost Pepper.

Yes i know how Bhut Jolokia looks like, but i want to buy something hot which is close to it, because here its not possible to buy it i guess.

Visit Family Food Centre (FFC) rayyan, I saw something that looks like the picture above.

All the best.

U eat tat Hot chilly u will end up getting Piles....:(

Avoid eatin chilly stuff dude...:)

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