where can i buy antiques in qatar?

i have once seen a nice camel made from fibre or timber, where can i buy those nice stuff?


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Wherever you buy them make sure they are not made in China!

I think i have seen it in the Ramada Hotel they have a shop selling these types of things try there

i ll try ramada.


Where you able to buy those antiques? I am looking for the same item too.


anyone know if "The Pot Man" shop still exist. He sells all that stuff and is much much cheaper.

I think his family name is Al Saigh but the spelling may be wrong.

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Where was this shop Dweller? I don’t think I’ve heard on it before

All the three are in City Centre, u might find these there...

he was in najma at one time, then moved to Wakra but his last place (in 1997) was near Olymic sports main shop the where the airport road meets the "B" ring road.

His son Abdulla still works in QP HR I think.

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Oh, I’ll go check then and if it’s not there I’ll try to ask around.

u can try city lifestyle...good collection of antiques.

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