where can i buy mobile phone the lowest price

where can i buy mobile phone the lowest price?

i find that most mobile phone bought in City center are higher than HongKong?


is there any shop in doha which sales mobile phone lower price?


shehan why dont u check it at al saad behind royal plaza or KFC theres a street with lot of mobile phone shops. there u get quality used phones as well. if ur going for a korean phone (same like Nokia) u can get it at royal plaza (as i remember 2nd floor)

if you have a bargaining skill, you can definitely get it at cheaper price in Souq Al-Najada...lots of mobile phone stores in there, so my advise is, better check and survey all shops to compare their prices


i think souq Najada is better than others

there u will find phone in a cheap rate than other market.

but, remember that:

you cann't get any mobile cheapest than Hong Kong

because, the price of mobile in Qatar is always high than other country

i agree with what Abdullah says...


Souq Najada is the best place having the cheapest price.


or probably u may have friend incoming to Doha,


suggest let buy from Hongkong and pay from here.



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Souq Najada is the best place


near arab round about, across from alfardan in souq, if im not mistaken

buy in china mobile

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