where can i buy spy pen camera

i found in the classified. this is to be used in my office wherein many things were lost now. i want to catch the person who is always taking something from my desk in the office.


Why not CCTV?

Next time he will steal your valuable spy pen as well.

& where will u hide ur spy pen ?!

Don't waste money on buying a spy pen camera...

take position behind the door and catch him

Good idea ghazalz and economical too:-))

It will be quit expensive to buy a spy pen camera for this reason....one could take a pen, pencil, rubber, stapler or some papers from the office desk or what else ?...

im interested ........did is recording voice or not???

is he taking during office hours ?? or off times ??

Tell me if you need a cctv

google it and buy online you can find on E-bay.

delivery take around one month to get any spy pen....

Are you sure that the gadget won't be used to spy on the fairer sex ?

if ur d only one using ur computer u can use an ordinary webcam,place it in a not so obvious corner in ur table,run a free software from the internet, keep it running in the background.assuming this happens during office hour when ur away.this will prove u might be taking those things home and blaming someone for it hehe

how about ipmart.com.it brings spy pen camera w just 39$:D


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be careful with your spy pen because he/she might steal it too, put a pen holder on it with a metal :-)

You can go to STARFOX EST. They offer all kinds of cameras, including cctv security cameras, IP cameras, spy cameras. By the way, all of their products are of hign quality.

You can go to STARFOX. They offer all kinds of cameras, including cctv security cameras, IP cameras, spy cameras and so on. By the way, their products are of good qualily.

unfortunately you will have to buy it online, i suggest ebay you can do it so by setting up a virtual us address through DHL, pretty simple actually..but i personally dont recommend you buy these things because most of these spy items are very cheaply build i had my experience after i bought a spy earpiece which died off after a week :(

i recommend u do what the other users are telling you to do set up a cctv, tell every 1 in or outside your office its not ready yet, still has some work to it..he or she might be stupid enough to repeat the mistake or wont repeat it.. its a win win eitherways.

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