Where to find latest Canon digital cameras???

Does anybody know of any shops in Doha that stock the latest Canon digital compact cameras, specifically the IXUS 960, 950 & 860 models (also known as Powershot SD950, 850 & 870 respectively), or failing that the older IXUS 900, 850, 800 & 750 models (Powershot SD900, 800, 700 & 550 respectively).

Thanks in advance.


Try villagio,last time i saw there cannon products ( i mean camera)

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Try to visit salam studio (Near City Centre). they are the sole agent for Canon in Doha.

we got our 7.2 MP one from Dubai airport for around 2000qr a yr bak

I was looking for the same models just this past week, and I can say definitively that as of this past Saturday, they are not in Villagio. Salam is my next stop (I just happened to be at Villagio so thought I would look there) -- I will let you know if I find any of those newer models after I make the trip to Salam.

online is the best place to buy cameras... ebay of course

but i was told there are a few camera shops around town... i have yet to see them...

but the carrafour has alot of modern stuff...

so check there

or kodak at the villagio or see ir there is any at the city center...

or try pc one

Thanks aaid. I plan to go to Salam one evening so I'll let you know what I find if I go before you. From reading up online I'm veering towards the IXUS 860 because of its wide angle lens. 8mp is more than enough for my needs so I don't think it's worth paying the extra for the 12mp 960 which doesn't have the wide angle lens (they seem to be the only differences)

thatguy - Thanks. I do plan to buy online but I wanted to try out the various models before I ordered. Carrefour only have a couple of Canon compact cameras, none of them IXUS (and they appeared to have stop stocking Canon SLRs and lenses for some reason), and the Kodak shops have a very poor selection of manufacturers.



I went to Salam last night and their shipment of 860s and 960s has arrived in Doha and should be on their shelves in 3 days time.

lathee - thanks for the tip-off about Salam.



Why buy Canon. Sony Cyber-Shots are the best. Even in very low light. I just got a pink one. Love it.

cannon has for years proved they are better than any other camera manufacturer by far.

with both there dslr and there point and shoot cameras... the cannon power shot and the cannon rebel xrti plus the cannon 40 and 20 d plus the 1d and 5d cameras are the best and top rated cameras over and over and over again...

sony does make a good cyber shot camera but even then name of the camera shows that it is trying to immulate the power shot...

cyber shot

power shot

this has been noted ever since the first power shot was revieled... sony made the cyber shot in hopes that people would by the cyber shot in mistake of the name...

plus if you dont take my word for it... go here and look at all the reviews for different cameras


plus you will see that cannon is more for quality and sony is more for the compactness of a camera...


just hanging out and watching dvd's with helen keller... kind of a quite night.

Hi Grass, I'm looking for a new compact camera that will primarily be used when I don't want to take my D-SLR out, and also used for basic underwater photography when I go diving. So as this is basically a backup camera for my main setup I haven't spent too long looking at all the different manufacturers. I have always used Canon and never had cause for complaint so I was happy to stick with them. And The IXUS 860 is very appealing due to it's wide angle 28mm lens.

And I would never buy a pink camera ;-)



i think the best place to buy a camera is online, but you have to wait for the packaged to be shipped though. but i think it just compensate since you have a wide range of products to choose from.

if you are interested you can order from me, just send me a message, include the brand and model that you want.

8walls - I'll humour you by asking how much for the Canon IXUS 860?



Basing from my source, I can sell it to you at QR 2100.

I'll pass thanks. That's ~£280 and I can get it online for £200.



really £200? wow that's good. do they have Panasonic Lumix FZ3?

It was £200 on amazon.co.uk, so have a look there. I've also discovered today that there are retailers on ebay selling brand new IXUS 860s for £185, so you might want to look there as well.



Ok thanks!

Just been to Salam and picked up a shiny new IXUS 860 for a surprisingly good QR 1450, which with the currently wonderful exchange rate is only £194. Result!



that's a bargain. by the way, where's that salam?

actually thats about what they are going for on ebay... and ebay is pretty acturate on how much something is worth...


just hanging out and watching dvd's with helen keller... kind of a quite night.

Yeah, the cheapest I found on ebay was £185 but I was willing to pay the extra few quid to have it there and then and not worry about it being shipped from Hong Kong. Unfortunately they didn't have the underwater housing I was after as well.

Salam is near City Center. If you drive along with the front of City Center on your left, turn left at the roundabout and Salam is on your right. The Canon store is on the first floor. I was very impressed by the range of stock they have there, and the staff seem knowledgeable and helpful. And of course the prices are a pleasant surprise. I'll definitely be going back with my EOS350d to try out some of the lenses!



What sort of warranty did Salam offer you? Did your Canon IXUS 860 come with freebies? I just bought mine a few hours ago here in HK and i was surprised that Doha price is quite close to HK's! Warranty is only a year and applicable to HK unless I have it converted to limited 6mos international warranty.

Demmet. I just got blown away by the price here in HK, I didnt bother to check the price in Doha. In fairness, HK price is waaaay cheaper than Manila's.


It came with a standard Canon Middle East Regional Warranty Scheme (1 year), which makes sense as they're an authorised Canon dealer.

I wasn't after any freebies as I already have all the cases and memory cards I need.



I went down to Salams this evening. It is slap bang in the middle of construction works. Then when I got in I thought I was in the wrong place because all I could see around me was trendy clothes. Luckily I remember reading above that Canon was on the first floor so I got on the escalator fairly sharpish as I was feeling quite out of place by now.

Fortunately the sales assistant knew what a "Compact Flash" was and therefore sold me one. Bit pricey though at QR99.00. I spent yesterday walking around some electronics shops and they had no idea what a compact flash card was. I was getting quite worried since my existing memory card has corrupted.

I enquired about prices for some lenses, a 80-200 2.8 was a cool QR4,000. The sales assistant was being unhelpful because he kept on asking me to ask him for more prices, but at this stage it was getting all too tempting and I walked out of there with my memory card and polarising filter.

Canon Contacts

Please find below the contact details of the Canon company responsible for the country you are looking for.



Salam Technical Services


P.O. Box 22119



+974 4 684288


+974 4 684199




Company Type

Authorised Service Centre


Laser Printer, BJ Printer, Scanner BJFax, Personal Family Copier, Projector


Salam Studio & Stores


P.O. Box 121



+974 4 832050


+974 4 832103




Company Type

Authorised Service Centre


Photo Video, Calculator

im looking for a wide angle lens for my canon slr...can you help me out pls? thankz...

ei,can you help me find a wide angle lens by canon,i found it in salam but its over priced so thinking of buying it online,can you help me man?thanks...its 16-35mm wide angle lens

I just bought the same lens from Amazon at about 1/2 the price Salam are charging :o)

Oh, and it's a damned good lens too!!!

Don't forget to buy a filter for it at the same time.

Did you Google it first?

baldrick2dogs - what advantage does the 16-35mm have over the standard 18-55mm kit lens?

And what filter did you buy with it?

Lots of advantages ;o)

1. It's an L lens so infinitely better build quality - my kit lens wobbles all over the place

2. It's a constant f2.8 throughout the focal range

3. Aspherical glass to reduce vignetting and improve edge definition

4. Just that little bit wider - I struggle on a few shots at Khalia Stadium a couple of weeks back.

Disadvantage: it's heavy!

I bought a CP filter and left it on at The Pearl by mistake and wondered why I couldn't get a decent shutter speed!!!

Will by a UV/haze filter when I get to KL next month.

Did you Google it first?

Ah, i didn't realise it was an L with constant 2.8!

Did you consider going for something even wider. An extra 2mm doesn't seem like much?

CP = circular polariser???

I thought UV filters were only good for protecting the lens on digital cameras, as they aren't sensitive enough to be affected by UV/haze.

I bought this one as:

a) it got very good reviews

b) it's wide enough without distortion

c) 2.8!

That extra 2mm makes a world of difference to the viewing angle.

Correct on CP, and the UV filter is only for protection. Sometimes you see UV sold as 'haze', especially in the far east!

Thanks. I'm about to order the 50mm f1.4 and was thinking of getting some filters at the same time (I have none at the mo).

I was thinking CP and UV, then also ND and GND. Do you use the latter two at all? What sort of price should I be paying?

Also, do you have to buy one for each diameter of lens you have, or can you buy some sort of adaptor?

I only have the graduated ND - good for skies.

The CP acts as an ND and reuces by about 2 stops (as I found to my error!)

You can buy the biggest size and use adaptors but it looks a bit naff especially as the 16-35 is 82mm and my smallest diameter is 58! ;o)

reckon on $100 for a GOOD CP (I got Tiffen)

Did you Google it first?

Yikes, I was thinking more like

Little point in putting a crap filter on a good lens, hence the price.

Can't remeber the size of my 50 off hand, but when I ordered from Amazon it suggested it as a bundle.

my GND is a Cokin square jobby.

CP doesn't need any adjustment to be ND, it just reduces light all the time.

Did you Google it first?

Yes, but you don't want the polarising effect all the time, do you.

This place sucks. I have been driving around thw whole Doha for some DURACELL Rechargeable Cells for ma Canon.

Beleive it!!!!!!! lulu, carry4 jumbo, 51 east, salam...

am tired.



Let Live,

& Help Live..

I guess, not. Then as you say, just turn it so it isn't polarizing.

Did you Google it first?

what is the lens you're using. do you have experience on any fish-eye lenses.

Hi Baldrick2dogs

Did you have any issues with Customs when you bought your lens from Amazon? Were you asked to pay customs duty? I'm planning to buy a Canon EOS 500D, and the web prices are about 40% lower than Doha store prices. Just wondering if there are any hassles in shipping it to Doha.

Im also planning to purchase a camera in Ebay.. Im just worried about the shipping hassles and custom duty, i hope someone can give us an advice for this.


hi guys!

I am new in Doha, so first of all, hi to everyone :)

maybe someone can help me with an advice what's the best place to buy a Canon 5D mark II cam + lenses (24-105 and 100-400).

whats your experience with Ebay? I don't know if I can trust this website as I plan to spend 'round USD 5 k.

Is there no local store with comparable prices?

Pls help



Open a account with aramex and buy it through them from Amazon.

Aana free, jaana free,

Pakde gaye tho khana free.

I have an account at aramex already.

amazon.com is too expensive. the canon 5d mark ii + 24-105 lens is about USD 4,4 k. thats about USD 1.000 more than you can find in other places over the net.

I found this one company in the US telling me they don't ship to shipping companies.. I don't know how they figured it was one.

I want this cam BADLY so if you know anything, please let me know.



LATEST info about Canon products and SALAM :

SALAM TECHNICAL SERVICES is the sole distributor of Canon products but for office equipments only such as Heavy Duty Copiers,Printers,Scanners and Fax....

Tel : 4860216

IF YOU NEED CANON CAMERA then SALAM PLAZA is the one selling and servicing these items and not Salam Technical...

Tel nos. 4485555

Hope the latest info helps....HAPPY SHOPPING ;)

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Musafer.. try to inquire in B&H or Adorama... or else visit in Singapore or Hongkong you will there your cam with some freebies....

Well... 5DmII is too expensive dude, if i have money like you, i will choose Nikon D3x... (Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera Recipient of EISA Award) http://www.nikon.com/about/news/2009/0817_EISA_01.htm

but if you're a Canon fans.. better go to Canon...heehe.. and im Nikon Forever hehehe

thanks guys for info so far. I keep trying to reach these guys on the ph.no. u gave me, seems they start late in the evening. its ok.

and I will be canon forever, cuz I already have an old one and many lenses I still wanna use with the new one. thats why I go for Canon.

thanks for the links! b&h has it for 3,4 k with the lens, so very good price, but not on stock. I would have to wait, and I CANT ANYMORE!! :)) adorama has very good price for a package with battery grip etc. nice! thanks dude!

I'll keep u updated

no probz... hmm that's good.. you invest already some Canon Lenses, so better upgrade high end of Canon cam,hehe... Are you a professional photographer??

hey, thanks again for the links! adorama seems to be really good, I just called them, they accept foreign billing addresses and ship it to Qatar within a few days. only that one lens is not in stock and they dont know when its there. same with BnH. no cam in stock. well, I need to be patient I guess.

I love photography, I am not a professional photographer, though. you can check some of my pics here :


hey guys,

can you please tell me where can i found Nikon D40,

Searching for a month, but not able to see one in any of the stores.

thanks in advance

Nikon D40 discontinued i suppose.....

Aana free, jaana free,

Pakde gaye tho khana free.

Hi Musafer,

Did you buy the 5D MkII, do you enjoy having it. Did you ship it with Aramex and do you have to import tax.

My wife and I are semi-pro photogs and both use the 5Dmkii and love it. She's coming over January 30th and can ferry over a body if you need her to. We bought ours at Pittman Photo in Miami which ironically has very competitive pricing on the bodies and the best pricing in the States, lower than even B&H and Adorama (which we've both used and highly recommend) on Canon L series Lenses. Let me know if you need her to mule ;)


As a matter of biology; if it bites you it's probably female.

You mention ebay, but I think I have seen an auction site for Qatar...

I don't think that Qatar has latest stocks of Canon... For example still they dont have Powershot S90... I am sure, there are many models that are not available here.....

Never mind the camera, has anyone tried getting hold of the correct SD card? My new Canon needs a Sandisk Extreme III card. Carrefour, Lulu etc sell the camera but give you a blank look if you ask for the memory card. I haven't tried Salem yet, though.

Has anyone else seen that auction site for Qatar? I have to try to find it again...

Anyone know which Cameras have Time Lapse features. I had a Panasonic with the feature but none of their New Models have anymore


Not sure what you mean by Time Lapse? Ability to keep the shutter open as long as you want? (Bulb I'm guessing?)


As a matter of biology; if it bites you it's probably female.


You ever shoot with one of the L TSE's (TiltShift)? With the new Hi Rises I keep getting tempted... Love my 16-35 but tilting buildings are making me get the itch to try a new toy.


As a matter of biology; if it bites you it's probably female.


m looking for DG cam for around (10K INR )

can somebody suggest me some new model n new fetures :) ??

m view is for 10MP ++

mini 5X ZOOM

where to buy in doha...

do u know sony wholesale outlet in Doha..which is some thing named as Modern,....??? which is near city center ..

plz reply

try foto gulf opposite panasonic showroom musherib street can find all types of camera nikon canon fuji samsung casio kodak


Try amazon or ebay they have many digital cameras.

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