where i can buy CONVERSE shoes in doha?


NO .


Footlocker at City Center does have some Converse.

I think Footlocker had like 4 or 5 styles when I got mine a few months back.

Sportmart across from "The Center" has them.

In Landwark Mall theres a shoe shop selling them. Think it's called Shoe Mart, a really huge selection.

Landmark... in the Shoe Mart near The One. There are at least a dozen different styles there for men women and children (even have infant sizes). I just bought a pair of camo hightops for my 12 year old and an alien pair for the baby.

yup go to Villaggio and enjoy, you can find Converse for sure.

Footlocker Villagio and City Centre

Go to any mall and you will find them.

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