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Everything you could ever want to know about Malls, Souks and Sales in Doha!

  1. Four Star Tailor found!!

    Hi All,

    If you have been looking for Four Star Tailor who used to be in Shara Kharaba, he has moved to the Al Azizya area.

    Directions are as follows:

    If coming from Al Sadd area and on Al Waab street:

  2. the centre chanel fragrances FAKE!!

    does The Centre sell fake fragrances? i'm so disappointed about my recent purchase from there.. No discounts, very rude sales attendants, and most of all, FAKE CHANEL allure homme sport. This is my second bottle of Chanel allure sport,the first one from pari gallery.

  3. No Warranty on New Goods

    Has anyone else experienced the fact that electrical items sold at many shops here are sold with zero or only one month warranty? Apparently, its the norm here, according to the shop people I spoke to!

  4. Price inflation

    According to the official report, food prices have gone up just over 5% in the last year.

    I am shopping at the wrong places? Because it seems to me that food has gone up way more than 5%.

  5. Pork at QDC

    How much per kilo of pork in QDC? or if possible what are the pork products available there and price too. thanks in advance.