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  1. KIA Sorento or Mohave

    Hi Everyone,

    I saw a KIA Mohave on the road today and was like wow, it looked better than Honda Pilot and then checked out their website and saw Sorento (with panoramic view from sun roof). I am booking a test drive with them tomorrow.

  2. market transparency?

    Can anyone shed light on why the Lulu departmental store is so hyper about customers writing down the prices of electronics displayed in their shops? Sales staff brusquely point out it is against their store policy with no clear reason given.

  3. Need help ! im car scammed or someting !

    I need to know something urgent . 2 months ago i bought a car from a friend (bad friend) . Its istemara was finished . So the car couldnt be changed on other persons name until it gets new istemara . I told that i pay money after its on my name . But it needed paint and some other job .

  4. Tea Trolley

    Does anyone have an idea from where can I buy a tea trolley in doha, I have already looked in home center but they don't have it.