Basic questions in Prometric exam for Physiotherapy
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Total questions 70
Pass mark 50 % i.e; 35/70 is pass mark
11 questions -Medical knowledge
17 questions- PT knowledge
17 questions - Orthopedics
13 questions - Neurology and pediatrics
12 questions- Cardio pulmonary and geriatrics.

Study thoroughly from following topics:
1.Physiology: Nerve muscle physiology,cardio respiratory system and CNS

2.Orthopedics: regional conditions and PT managements,amputation,anatomy: gait patterns muscle attachments

3.electro modalities:TENS,SWD,UV,IR etc... indications,uses,contraindications

General cardiothoracic surgery incisions and muscle relations.

All are objective questions for each questions there will be for choices ,click the correct answer with the mouse

1.Following are Quadriceps muscle except:


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